9 Superstitions Which We Should Have Left In 20th Century

9 Superstitions Which We Should Have Left In 20th Century

1. Not to cut nails at night

In old times, there was no provision of electricity, therefore, one could cut their finger while cutting nails in dark.

Curd Sugar

2. Not leaving house without having curd-sugar

The combination of curd and sugar provides a soothing effect, it refreshes your nerves and keeps you calm.

3. Not washing hair on thursdays

Thursday was considered as an off day so that people could rest and this would save water.

Wash Hairs

4. Breaking of glass

If a glass breaks, it could hurt anyone severly.


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5. A black cat crossing your way

In earlier times, there were no proper sanitation facilities, and the bacteria on cats would not die immediately.

6. Not to go near a Peepal tree after sunsets

So that we can avoid inhaling carbon dioxide


7. Not to sweep house after sunset

Due to lack of proper electricity one could not clean the dust properly resulting in chaos and also something valuable could be swept out during this.

Slippers - Upside Down

8. Leaving slippers upside down

To keep the slippers organized and to prevent the dust of slippers from spreading all around it

9. Not to pass scissors or knives hand to hand

In order to prevent injuries, it’s said that one should always hold the metal side in their own hand.

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Our ancestors had valid reasons for all the activities in the 20th century! However, with time, these reasons have now transformed into bounding rules, hence superstitions!

It’s high time we learn why these were introduced, take what’s relevant now, and let go of the rest.


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