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An Interview with Aarushi Jain, the co-founder of ArtisansLove

Tell us a bit about yourself and ArtisansLove.

Aarushi: I, being in the field of architecture, always believed that a brain of mine is still craving for the real creativity and passion to come out. Which eventually came out in the face of ‘ArtisansLove’.

We’ve been crafting and serving customized happiness all over the world since 2018. We believe in only sourcing raw materials, rest crafting them in house, and serving personalized handicrafts to our customers complementing their budget.

Even our brand name “ArtisansLove” is inspired by the love and hard work each and every artisan put in to produce something creative and qualitative.

At ArtisansLove we do not focus on numbers, we focus on quality. Rather than focusing more on the cost of the product, we spend time focusing on the taste and needs of the client. We promote our local raw material vendors, rather than going to various cities in search of cost-friendly material. We still believe the world needs to know that there is something beyond an ordinary gift, and that is a handcrafted customized gift.



What’s the story behind ‘ArtisansLove’?

Aarushi: It was started as a platform, where handicrafts I produced could be seen by more and more people. Fortunately, one day amongst the followers, one person came up and requested for a scrapbook. There came my first order, where I was not at all prepared for it, was very nervous but with the help of the co-founder of ArtisansLove ‘Palak Jain’ and all the creativity, love & hard work we could put in, we finished the scrapbook and successfully delivered it.

The real motivation started then. Orders keep on pouring in since then, and here we are successfully delivering more than 500 products annually.

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What major challenges do you face, as a brand?

Aarushi: The major challenge we face is the taste of the client. It is tough to understand what is there in your client’s mind and that too over a call or text. Sometimes it takes us 2-3 rounds to get to the final product.

The next challenge we usually face is budget when the client is expecting a lot in a tiny budget. But gradually, we have learned how to overcome the budget issue and provide the client with what he/she expects.

Tell us about your worst client experience till now?

Aarushi: See, we never had any worst client experience because always all my clients were very cooperative and understanding. I think I am fortunate enough to have such clientele, but yes we had many worst experiences while shipping the products. Sometimes it gets delayed, products break also while being shipped and of-course shipping costs was always a task for us to explain to the client.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement till now?

Aarushi: My biggest achievement till now was definitely completing more than 500 orders in the first year itself.

What are some lessons you’ve learned during your journey till now?

Aarushi: One major learning I got during this journey, is that you have to be simply selfless.


In our field, all we do is for our clients, for their happiness, and what I have to myself is the satisfaction at the end of each day, that we delivered another happiness. There is absolutely no term in this field such as profit or loss. It’s about productivity, the content, and its uniqueness.

Palak Jain - Co-founder of ArtisansLove

As partners, you and Palak must have a lot of differences in opinions, so how do you guys manage that?

Aarushi: As co-founders, to date, we had differences only in terms of pricing the product. That too, we agree upon an average of both the suggestions, and then it works out.

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Do you have a team?

Aarushi: Yes, we have a team of 4 people, plus we have a tie-up with many wholesalers and vendors for raw materials.

How this lockdown has affected you guys?

Aarushi: Lockdown has been completely in favor of our social growth, new ideas, content build-up, and trying to update ourselves to keep up with the trend. We have released various E-Gifts this quarantine which has been a hit for us and for our clients. The absolute motive behind releasing E-Gifts was the demand of the clients.

What would you suggest someone who wants to start their own handicraft business on Instagram?

Aarushi: I would say, that if you are passionate about something, give it a try. You might fail you might rise, but in the end, you won’t be regretting not trying.

Everything comes with experience, and experience comes with experiments, and experiments come with the first trial. Especially in a business like handicrafts, you can never run after money. It is all about how your handicraft can inspire the world and spread happiness for what it is meant for. Yes charge for what its worth is, how much effort and hours you have put in, but always consider your client’s budget. Always keep pricing affordable according to all types of income groups, because this business definitely has strong competition in the market.

If I ask you, what is ‘ArtisansLove’ for you?

Aarushi: In one phrase, ArtisansLove is “my kind of happiness which is spreading happiness across the world.

What’s that one thing according to you that makes you different from other handicraft businesses out there?

Aarushi: ArtisansLove is something that can never get tired of spreading happiness in the world by the means of producing best handicrafts and customized gifts all specially designed according to the client’s need, demand, and budget. We have always kept our price range very minimal, keeping in mind that not everyone has the same budget.

At ‘ArtisansLove’ every time we craft something, we try to make it as unique as possible and something which will be remembered forever.

This one’s cliche, but where do you guys see yourself in 5 years from now?

Aarushi: In the next 5 years, we see ArtisansLove as a brand name to be known in every corner of the world, with a variety of more than 1000 Products. And of course, in the coming years, we will completely stop importing raw materials and will supply our own following the campaign “Made in India”.

Do you have any message for our readers?

Aarushi: I would just sum up by saying, that if you are passionate about something, give it a try. You might fail you might rise, but in the end, you won’t be regretting not trying. Everything comes with experience, and experience comes with experiments, and experiments come with the first trial.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have any questions for Aarushi or Palak. You can also directly DM them on Instagram at @artisansloveofficial.


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