If Aliens Invade India In 2021, This Is What Might Happen To Them

1. They might just die of COVID, and their bodies would be floating across our rivers.

2. Bhakts will start trending #IndiaWithAliens on Twitter because they love colonizers.


3. They would probably confuse cows as the main species of Earth.

4. Modi Ji might just give away some vaccines to them.

5. Kangana Ji might just plant trees on their faces because for her, that works better than an oxygen mask.


Planting Trees is the permanent solution - Kangana Ranaut's Tweet

6. Bhakts might be more interested in knowing if they are Muslims. If not, they will buy some shoe polish.

7. In the end, they would regret not invading America as usual.

Alien Invasion
Source: Syfy Wire


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