Powerful Takeaways From Kunal Shah's Interview With BeerBiceps Podcast

  1. India’s biggest curse is that we are all job-seekers.
  2. The largest employer of the world is inefficiency
  3. On the topic ‘Decreasing number of women in labor’. We have not fundamentally understood that we are a fairly patriarchal and regressive nation because we don’t look at data.
  4. India is trying to play the game of capitalism but the blood is of socialism.
  5. A status-driven society fundamentally dislikes anyone going up in life.
  6. A wealth driven society is like, ‘Tera paisa ban Raha hai, Mera paisa ban Raha hai, sab ka paisa ban Raha hai’ (You are making money, I am making money, everyone is making money)
  7. India is not one country, India is 25 different countries merged to become one country. And therefore we have a need for neutral platforms.
  8. I think every time I’ve seen nations obsessed about their past is delusional about their future.
  9. a) Neutral Sport – Cricket, not originated from Indian) Neutral Beverage – Tea / Coffee, not from India) Neutral Food – Pizza, not from India) Samosa (shockingly) is not from India. Khichdi is also not from India.
  10. You tell me now every student is learning on Zoom, why shouldn’t Physics be taught by the best teacher of India to everybody in this country?
  11. Covid has accelerated the future.
  12. I was once at Stanford and met a bunch of Indian and Chinese students and I asked every Indian student, ‘Wapas aa rahe ho?’ (Are you coming back to India?) And not a single person was coming back.
  13. And I asked all the Chinese, ‘Hey what’s the plan after Stanford?’ and all of them were going back to China.
  14. My worry is that our skillset, our talent is not keeping up and general curiosity is very very low and everyone thinks ke ab padhai hogayi (studies are done)
  15. But in the world we are living in you can never se ke padhai hogayi because you have to constantly up your game to stay relevant.
  16. I would say most degrees are extremely irrelevant now.
  17. The biggest curse of our country is we’re all getting coaching classes to solve a super dumb exam, super dumb hacks, and then we think we are smart when we have understood nothing.
  18. You are not going to make it big if you DO NOT understand.
  19. The word ‘HOW?’, on Google Trends, in the last 5/10 years, the word has declined on searches.
  20. Recently I was showering, I was like why does this glass fog every time, there must be a solution and I searched for it and found if you put shampoo, and wipe it, it never fogs. 40 years of my life and I did not know this. Rolling on the floor laughing
  21. You don’t want to be an entrepreneur because it’s NOT COOL to be an entrepreneur. We’ve not made them heroes, YET. “WOW”.
  22. You will always see all sorts of people who manage to get status through comedy, poetry, become politicians but you will never see a politician becoming a painter or a poet.
  23. You have to QUESTION every SINGLE thing. đŸ™‚
  24. We need to ask these fundamental questions and any time there is a shortcut answer that comes to our mind, our first tendency should be to reject it and ask a deeper question.
  25. Any country that default respects elders stay dumb. Because you just have to accept it. ‘Bado ne bataya hai’.
  26. We don’t appreciate anybody trying to be alone.
  27. How are we going to find individuality without exploration?
  28. The reason gaming is becoming big is that we have a natural tendency to get short dopamine hits.
  29. A country that doesn’t have an industrial revolution does not understand the value of time.


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