Blue or Pink?

Blue or Pink?

The Real Women Empowerment

Blue or Pink?

Hey, choose one! Koi ek choose karo na…

And in this way an innocent would-be mother started the life long discrimination.

I never knew we humans could even distinguish people based on colors.

Pink choose kiya to ladki hogi aur Blue choose kiya to ladka hoga… Kyun?


When a boy wears a pink shirt why is his sanctity questioned?

If he likes a certain way of behavior why is he deemed as gay?

There is something known as tom-boy…why not a tom-girl or something.

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Pehchaan- A journey to know yourself.

For the last few days, the topic of mental health and depression is the talk of the town. Like a silver lining, the tragic incident has thrown some light on the issue, however, it is heartbreaking that a person had to sacrifice his life to make people understand the importance of the matter. This episode is largely based on mental health and the problems faced by men.

These days there are hundreds and thousands of people talking about women rights, women empowerment, and many other things… undoubtedly that’s the need of our society and also is helping in some way or the other, but unfortunately, what we are forgetting is the other section of our society. The MEN!

“Ae theek se baitho, ye kya ladkiyon ki tarah baithe ho”

“Nahi beta barbie dolls ladkiyo k liye hoti hai”

“Pink is for girls”

“Ye kya ladkiyon ki tarah baal badha ke rakhe hain”

“Ro nahi.. ladkiya roti hain”

No wonder why Ranveer Singh is always trolled for his outfits. Like Deepika is not trolled when she wears a shirt and pants? Fear enough? I don’t think so!


Sometimes we unknowingly burden the boys of our house, I say it again, the boys of our house with things that take away their childhood suddenly.

They are taught not to cry when they are just growing from an adolescent to an adult, the time when there are a lot of changes going on around them, in them, physically as well as emotionally. And when there are some who cry and try to express themselves, we hypocrite people term them as weak or not very boyish/manly.


Just because some tears rolled down his cheeks, he is weak? He is not a boy enough

I’m not saying that they should cry 24*7…but at least they should express when needed, and we should not judge them, because this judgment which we pass on every small thing is what affects their mental being.

We have always been talking about the struggles of a woman when she is married off to a man, how she has to manage so many relations, how she has to accept the new surname and other things.. I’m not demeaning her struggles, but don’t you think it’s the same for a man too. He also gets involved with a number of new relations, he is the bridge that balances his own family and his wife, he has to always take care that the two are in perfect co-ordination… about leaving one’s home… thanks to the 21st century and this decade… most of the people leave their homes as soon as they are 12th pass.

Now talking about the mental pressures of a man..

  1. We call boys by names like Mumma’ boy..and let me tell you, we call them so in a slightly sarcastic way or so. Where I think that it’s good that he is a Mumma’s boy rather than being an alcoholic boy! Plus have you ever asked that Mumma’s boy, “Hey, are you missing your mom, you don’t look good.”
    There are very few who do that. Please next time when you come across someone like this, do ask him once..maybe he’ll not share because to break the years’ old rule for him won’t be easy but he’ll feel good.
  2. Boys are in general taught to do all the outdoor stuff for a home.”
    “Kuch lana hai Bunty le aayega, Soni ko kyu bhej re ho.. Bunty hai toh”.
    Okay fine… and now Bunty has to do household chores also… Kyon ki nahi toh Bunty is a patriarch. Bunty is human! He has some wants. Maybe he just wants to cook and he is just okay with not going outside and working for the whole family but we are so double-faced that on one hand, we support women empowerment, and if a woman is the one who is working and the man is doing the house, we again put questions on the abilities of the man. Why? Is this not women-empowerment in its real sense! We should rather salute such men who are not driven by the ways of society!
  3. It looks so cool when a girl is riding a bike or a bullet, is it the same when a boy rides a ladybird bicycle. I doubt though! These seem very small and minor incidents but hold on.. “boond boond se hi samandar bnta hain”

Jab har din tumhe koi kahe, “you are not worth it”, “you don’t deserve it”, “you are not a man enough to be called a man”. It has serious impacts. Impacts that can last longer than imagined.

And remember like there are bad women around who misuse the sole power of being a woman but we still get up for women and their rights. Likewise, there may be bad men around but judging everyone with the same stick is not a solution. They too have emotions and feelings and sometimes they need your back. Please be generous towards them!

You know what is the golden mantra we should use?

Jiyo aur jeene do

Wo jaise chahta hai waise jeene do. Apni conditions par nahi.


We often want that if we are living a certain way, he should also live the same way or in a way which is not as good as ours, because we cannot digest that someone is better off than us. Let’s stop this first!

You should be grateful for what you have which you earlier did not and you should spread love. Like every time I say if you need anyone to hear you out, you can always reach out to me.

Mental health is important and is a reality. Please take it seriously. Stay happy and stay safe.

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