Top 7 Books Like The Selection Series By Kiera Cass

All of us have had our fair share of tales of fairies and their happily-ever-after lives. And, if that wasn’t enough we have systematic retellings of these stories to fit the present-day narrative. But let’s be honest, these are more often than not.

In this galore of mystic and fantasy stories, The Selection series comes as a breath of fresh air. With a modern-day story of a girl in her teenage aiming for a larger-than-life reality.

The Selection by Kiera Cass

For all of those who are ardent followers of a fantasy world The Selection by Kiera Cass comes as a sweet surprise with a breath of fresh air. It is set in contemporary times making it more relatable and authentic.

Kiera Cass’s The Selection’s metaphors and timeline put you into the idea of what holds in the future? Are we going to progress defying the societal shackles of class or fall into even more rigid differences of social privilege?

And, if you are a fan of such a genre, like The Selection, I will bring to you a list of books you can delve yourself into:


1. Sky in the Deep

Sky in the Deep

Adrienne Young chooses her protagonist as a no-nonsense girl Eelyn, who has simple rules in life, to fight and survive. Until she is brought to a crossroads of emotions, where she has to fight a war from within when she sees her brother betrayed her.

A story of trust, betrayal, and relationships in the backdrop of action, Sky in The Deep is set in a starkly different world from The Selection. What would the fight ensue? What would happen to Eelyn when she starts on a never anticipated journey?

If you are looking for a book similar to The Selection by Kiera Cass yet different, then, this is the pick for you!

2. Cinderella Is Dead

Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron


Cinderella and her fairy tale sisters were pretty much part of our early childhood. But, isn’t the point of young adult renditions of these stories, a way to ruin our childhood?

So, this is for those who want to see their childhood stories of love broken down and called out for their stereotypes. Pretty much like, The Selection.

Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn, is set 200 years after the prince gets his Cinderella. But the ball game is still on, so our protagonist Sophie and her friends plan to take down this barbaric ritual of finding love.

If you are in for newer and present-day versions of old folklore. This is the best rendition of Cinderella, set in a breezy narrative with the elements of humor in check.

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3. Song of the Blood & Stone

Song of the Blood & Stone by L. Penelope

War novels are always heavy on historical backing that they come with. But, historical fantasy fiction allows the writer to create their own history, their own story of salvation.

In Song of Blood & Stone, Penelope, creates a world of blood and gory where people fight for power over the land. But, what do the subjects of the land do?

Jasminda, like America from The Selection, only wants to have a life of simplicity and content, but there is a conflict. Jasminda sees her world breaking down, so along with her spy friend, Jack sets on the path to unravel the mystery of her history.

The story could be jarring, with the historical context, but what is an epic fantasy without its own world of history?

So, if you liked The Selection this is your book to drench in.

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4. Divergent (Series)

Divergent Series By Veronica Roth

The Selection was more of a story of a girl finding her way up the societal stages of the class. While in the Divergent series, Tris is on her way to breaking all the social stages and classifications humans have set up. And, what unravels is a twist that none of us saw coming.

Were you amazed by how America finds herself questioning everything?


Here, you will see what will happen if America from The Selection becomes an action hero and guns down the bad guys? And, that exactly is what Divergent takes you on.

Divergent is a long series of novels and it might keep you on the edge for most parts of the read. But remember it is also a partially successful attempt at acing the genre of young adult fiction.

But, if you loved The Selection series by Kiera Cass, Veronica Roth’s take on class division would also be a fresh perspective on the same.

5. Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Book

What happens when social classes are merged with the sci-fi genre?

We get Hunger Games.

On the surface of it, Hunger games might seem like yet another teen fiction story with stereotypical teenagers high on hormones. But that is the catch.


The story much like Kiera’s The Selection, is a metaphorical social drama, with teenagers competing. Though while, in The Selection, it was the fight of identities, here it is the fight for life. Teenagers from 12 divided districts need to fight for life in the deathmatch.

The inspiration to the trilogy heavily lies in Greek mythology, so if you know the references the story makes more sense to you. The characters will push you to root for them at one point and hate them for the bizarre decisions they make. Either way, you are hooked to the story, just like The Selection.

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6. The Numbers Game: A Novel

Numbers Game by Danielle Steel

Young Adult novels like The Selection, choose one of their central themes as self-discovery. Questions like what is my purpose or why is this life the way it is, form part of the central narrative. Because let’s accept those are the years when there is too much time to think about this.

On the similar lines of Kiera Cass’s YA novella, The Numbers Game is a story about parents Eileen and Paul. Who now have to choose between their complicated relationship that stands as the root of their family and their personal quests of life.

The coming of age story talks about how an identity crisis is always there no matter where it is. The Selection was set in an aspiring world, but The Numbers Game is in present-day reality. So, set yourself for a ride of melancholy and thrill.

If you loved The Selection, I guarantee you will love this one too.

7. The Crown’s Game

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

How easy would it be, if like can turn upside down with just winning a game?

The Selection sells us this idea and makes us believe it is true. But, how about when two magic wizards fight each other in a game, because they can grab the ultimate throne?

Well, if you think the premise is eccentric enough, The Crown’s Game will take you on a wholly different ride. There is pure chaos coming out of the sheer number of twists that are thrown at you.

Thus, I would say, take your time to go through it, because it is an overwhelming book. And, that’s what makes the book stand out.

That is what this genre of dystopian fiction does. You can believe there is a world like Kiera Cass’s The Selection, and also get sold on the idea of Evelyn Skye’s Crown’s Game.

And, I know I have not covered all books that could fit into this category. These are some of the best books in that genre and for people who love young adult fiction. Let me know in the comments below if there is any other book series like the Selection you would like to add to this list of books like The Selection.

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