Can you have more than one best friends?

Can You Have More Than One Best Friend?

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.

Today’s topic of discussion is very common but something that you won’t find the answer to on google.

Ummmm Any Guesses?

Can’t think of what it is. Well, no worries I am here to tell you about the same.

So, today we will be talking about best friends I know it’s very common but in specific what I will talk about is Can you have more than one Best friend?


I tried defining best friend but believe me, I couldn’t find any perfect definition.

Some say they are more than a family; some say they are a treasure to keep, some say they are what the heart needs all the time.

I see these all definitions are true and perfect but what I feel is that a best friend is someone who is just like a promise if you keep it, it will last forever but if you break it then it breaks.

But, the whole point of all this is to know whether we can have more than one best friend or not?

I see some of us still have this thought in our minds that we can have only one best friend. Before writing this article I too had this same thought.

But when I asked my best friend about the same question, she gave an answer that I didn’t expect.

She very normally said, “yes, we can have more than one best friend.”

At first, I did a little emotional drama. Hehe!

But jokes apart when I analyzed what she said it made sense to me. I mean we all see a group of best friends having a blast in their lives.

So, I guess it is normal to have more than one best friend.

Now you all will say we have seen how this ends people fight and they leave.

If you are taking Bollywood reference here then you are very wrong. We can’t take things seriously what Bollywood shows us. It is all just a stereotypical concept.


Let me explain to you this in simple language we live with our parents we fight we argue but so they leave us?

No, right similarly we have friends we will fight we will argue at times it may happen we may not talk for days but in the end, they will surely come back.

We are humans it’s in our nature we cannot abandon anyone so easily especially when we love someone.

Above I talked about the misconception that we have about making multiple best friends.

But, still, I see people know the fact that it’s normal to have more than one best friend but still, they are unable to accept this fact.

I know sabke experiences different hote hai, but we can’t keep holding our experience right.

We can normalize having more than one best friend. I know jealousy issues hote hai but I guess we are GEN z and we are mature enough to tackle these kinds of stuff.

When I was 16, things were different. My best friend and I had a lot in common back then. But now I am surely not the person that I was back then and now I see we don’t have much common between us.

Time changes and so do people. So, living with the idea that we can have only one best friend at a time in this era is as useless as having an Orkut account.

Let us normalize the fact that we can have more than one best friend.

I see we don’t have any such rules right that we have to follow it. And agar koi friendship k rule books me Hoga Bhi toh we are Indians we know how to break the rule.

Let’s be clear with the fact that we can have more than one best friend and it is normal to do so.


I mean human beings tend to always pick a favorite. A favorite pair of jeans they wear every day, a favorite song they’re always up for, a favorite place to hang out, and a thousand more such things.

And just like that, we also have a favorite person.

A person who’s not a part of our family so we aren’t exactly biologically programmed to love them. But because we choose favorites, we choose our favorite person and label them as our ‘best friend’.

And while it may feel like this feeling will last us a lifetime, human beings are subject to change.

What do you think?


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