7 Reasons Why Central Vista Is Need Of The Hour

Central Vista

I have been seeing a lot of people accusing our Prime Minister of going ahead with the Central Vista project without knowing the actual truth. These are the facts you need to know about, before coming to any conclusions.

1. Every room in the central vista is a transformable oxygen unit that produces the same amount of oxygen as a hundred cows. Thus, Modi Ji in secret is building a massive Oxygen Plant and is not revealing it to the world for safety reasons.

2. At night, Central Vista will glow with positive energy and spread it to the entire Delhi and a little bit of Pakistan. Positive energy is very important considering that’s the only thing stopping Corona from engulfing the entire country right after Kona Kona Runout.

3. Central Vista also has a tunnel through which our prime minister can reach other countries through a hyperloop system, saving a lot of flying charges. It’s also the easy way out when people start demanding accountability.

4. Central Vista can also be seen from space according to NASA, and thus Indians need not wait till Diwali anymore to see India from space anymore. The shape of Central Vista is like that of the Illuminati, so Modi Ji is confirming Illuminati to the world.


5. The opposition for a long time has been demanding a change in atmosphere, and now Modi Ji has granted them their wish. Now, the opposition can keep staying useless in a whole new different building.


6. Central Vista is also a secret space ship that can be used by Modi Ji for space travel to other planets because the efficient UNESCO-approved handling of COVID in India has led to countries on Earth banning Indians flights.

7. Central Vista also has a weapons system that can shoot down Coronavirus particles in the sky. It’s ultra-violet, infra-red, and Jai-saffron technology that is being used in the weapons, and it’s powered by Gau Mutra.

Haters will say this is fake news and I’m from the IT Cell. Remember that Modi Ji is a visionary leader and the only one who can save us from this crisis.

Disclaimer: This article is a fabricated satirical take on the Central Vista project. No part of it is written to hurt sentiments of anybody or is meant to target any particular community, party, or group.


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