6 Fashion Do’s & Don’ts For A College Girl

In today’s modern world, the most important thing is to keep yourself updated whether it’s in fashion, trends, technology, and so on.

Well, the most important thing is your first impression, as we all know our first impression is the last impression. Females nowadays are more into fashion blogging, styling. To keep a continued walk in this fashion world your dressing sense should be according to the ongoing trends.

So here, are some classic and basic fashion do’s and don’ts of makeup and clothing for a college girl:

Do wear comfy clothes

Joggers and Crop Tee - Malaika Arora

The most important thing is your comfy clothes, as we know that if you don’t wear clothes according to your comfort, you feel irritated all day, and you will not available to concentrate on your work.


So wear a pair of joggers with a crop tee in summer it will be very comfortable for you and look cool at the same time.

Do wear light colours

So in summers, we should wear loose clothes having light colors like baby pink, white, peach green, and so on.

These colors are not shimmery type, and they also give relaxation to the eyes. So if you are wearing a pair of jeans, wear a white top or any light color shade you want and you can also wear bracelets or chains and do wear a belt as it’s not only complete your look but it will stylish at the same time, as we all know belts are in trend nowadays.


Do apply a sunscreen/moisturiser

Do apply a sunscreen/moisturiser

Sunscreen plays a very important role because no one of us wants tanned skin or wants spots on our skin. Well if you don’t use sunscreen and you are a moisturizer, that’s also ok but that moisturizer should have SPF in it so that it will protect your skin from the sun.

Do shop in budget

We have to go to college every day and we also want to dress according to the fashion styles, so most of us are like we don’t want to repeat the same top more than 3-4 times so for that we to purchase our clothes in the budget so that we can wear the trending styles in our budget with less expense.

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Do wear comfy footwears

Wear comfy shoes or sneakers or sandals according to your outfit, you can also wear heels but that is not comfortable. So wearing shoes is better as it goes on most of the outfits it completes the whole look.

Don’t go for full makeup look

Don’t wear full-length makeup look, because you have to go to college, and wearing full makeup every day can damage your skin. So just wear a foundation, primer, liner, lip shade, and highlighter if you want to. The more simple and natural look you will maintain the more you will look classy and stylish.

Don’t wear clothes which is too revealing

Whatever the profession you are following besides your college degree like blogging, modeling, fashion stylist, and so on. While attending college you must wear basic clothes with new trends.

What do you think of it? Tell us in the comments below and if you have suggestions, then do drop them in too!



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