Elon Musk Superhero - Crazy Yet Coolest Things Elon Musk Has Made Possible

5 Crazy Yet Coolest Things Elon Musk Has Made Possible

1. Musk-Effect

Only a single tweet by Elon Musk results in the soaring or crashing of Crypto markets.

Want proof?

This tweet resulted in the fall of bitcoin from around $54,819 to $45,700 in just 2 hours.


2. PS5 in a Tesla

PS5 in a Tesla

The latest version of the Tesla Model 5 houses an onboard computer so powerful that it can game as well as the Sony Play Station 5.

Musk showed at his presentation one of his guys playing Cyberpunk 2077 onboard the Model S’ large display.

3. Neuralink

Neuralink Sensor - Elon Musk

Neuralink has shown promises of a future wherein we control our tech with our minds directly.

Implanting a chip in the brain sounds risky but the gains are greater for people with disabilities.


Neuralink has so far made it possible for a chimp to play video games via its brain.

4. Autopilot in Cars

Despite all the untoward mishaps, Tesla is the only company that has achieved autonomous driving on its vehicles on a mass scale.

The idea that your car can drive itself out of the garage, keep you in the lane, and avoid traffic intelligently falls into the sci-fi category.

He also sent a car to space! To test the payload capacity of the Space Falcon Heavy Rocket. Musk strapped his personal red Tesla Roadster on top of the rocket and sent it off to space.

5. Starlink

Starlink by SpaceX has the potential to solve the issue of internet coverage in remote areas.

In its initial test, Starlink was capable of providing internet connectivity with speeds of up to 150mbps via its Starlink satellites around the Earth’s orbit.



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