4 Crucial Parenting Issues That Every Parent Has To Deal With (And Tips On How To Deal With It!)

Riddle Riddle not again, ohh let’s get started with the game.

What does this recipe results in?

“A hundred ‘What-Ifs?’ combined with some crazy fantasies and a lot of awkward questions.” And I know that you all have answered the question right.

Yes parents, it is your child.

Cheers to all you brave warriors, who are always in warfare with the desire of being a perfect parent, and the various tantrums that your child throws at you. However, more often than not, people end up doing things that are not “so perfect” if we think in a broader aspect.

Let’s take a look at some of these issues and how they can be dealt with.


1. Demands of your obstinate child

Every child is the apple of the eye for their parents, but buying expensive things every time your child asks for, is not the only way to show your love. This makes your child feel that their demands need to be fulfilled every time, which is not possible in many cases, vis-a-vis when you are broke, or when the demand is obsolete.

Make a list of your child’s demands, don’t fulfill every demand instantly rather give them surprises, this will let them know that you will eventually give them what they want, but their demands won’t be always fulfilled the same time.

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2. Be a little smart with smart-phones

Digital India campaign was launched to make life and transactions easier and safer, and I guess more precisely for the adults. Refrain your kids from using smartphones in excess, as it can adversely affect your child’s mental health.

Start introducing them to outdoor games, play with them, and even avoid your second self (smart-phones) in front of them.

Also, nursery rhymes can be taught orally, there is not a need for videos being watched so closely that it becomes a problem for your child’s eyes.

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3. Body shaming- ignorance is harmful

Is your child a little plump?


Or on the thinner side?

Well, let me just reveal the suspense that both are very natural and normal.

But if it continues with the growing age and becomes prominent, ignorance is not at all the solution.

Ignoring this can lead your child to serious health issues.

If any of the above is the case, consult a doctor first and make the healthy food a little tastier for your child, like atta momos (vegetables are the key ingredients in momos, and the harmful maida is replaced with wheat flour). 

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4. Studies.. studie.. studi.. stud.. stu.. st.. s.. sl.. sle.. slee.. sleep

Do you agree with the above statement? If this is the routine of your child when he sits to study, start attending to this. Make study fun for them. Learning while having fun in the park is way better than being engrossed in books 24X7 with a sluggish mood.

Tell them about the story of our independence, the epics we have, various general awareness, read out to them the stories of their textbooks (we learn a lot while listening ), etc.

This will decrease the burden on your child and if they start having fun while studying, they will love studies and tadaaa, your work is done!

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These are very few examples that we neglect in our day-to-day busy lives just to regret later. Your parenting is just a few steps away from being crowned the perfect, work on yourself and grab the crown.

Happy parenting!

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