11 Signs That You Have A Huge Crush On Your Teacher

1. You try to improve your knowledge of their subject even if you don’t like studying it; only to be on their favorite students’ list.

2. You try to do various things in the class to seem noticeable by them.

3. You feel that titillating feels in your stomach, whenever you see them.

4. The first thing you do once you reach school in the morning is to look for them and see, how’re they looking.

5. You offer them chocolates or candies or even your food sometimes, just so you can see them getting “Awwwww” for you.


6. You get really excited when you realize it’s their class now.

7. You just keep on looking at them while they’re teaching in the class.


8. You try your best to not miss school because… come on! You sooo want to have that “Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jaana” moment.

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9. You start imagining your future with them, don’t you?

10. You feel like you’re at the top of the world when they praise you.

11. You have stalked them multiple times on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms too.


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