Dara Singh Thali - The biggest Thali in Mumbai
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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Dara Singh Thali

Pro tip – Take your gang with you, you cannot complete the thali on your own.

Some days you eat salads and go to the gym, and some days you eat cupcakes and refuse to put on pants.

It’s called Balanced Diet, right?

Well, I think food is the ultimate creation of humankind.

One can very quickly go from being a healthy-eater to a rajma rice lover to a food blogger.

Writing to which I remembered that the food bloggers nowadays are crazy about the “Dara Singh Thali”.


It’s time to loosen up our belt, wash our hands and see what this Dara Singh Thali has for us.

Before I searched for this thali the picture that came into mind listening to this was a giant thali with lots and lots of food. Enough to feed 4 people at least.

Well, it seems like my imagination proved to be correct. Dara Singh Thali is exactly what I thought, a giant thali with lots and lots of food.

Wait we are discussing this delicious thali by the name ‘Dara Singh Thali’ but who is this Dara Singh? I mean who could he be who got so lucky to have a giant thali in his name, huh?

Dara Singh

Dara Singh
Dara Singh | Source: Zoom

Well, Dara Singh is an Indian Wrestler who went for his heavenly Abode in 2012. He was a famous Indian wrestler and a great actor.

He also played the role of Hanuman in the great Ramayana. Or to give you better clarity, he played the role of Geet’s grandfather in Jab We Met.

I was going through my Instagram when I saw this Mumbai biggest thali! Named after the professional Wrestler and Actor Dara Singh.

Let’s see what this thali is all about and why it is so famous?

Is Dara Singh Thali, The Biggest thali?

The Dara Singh Thali
Dara Singh Thali | Source: Travel & Leisure India

There is this restaurant in Thane Masaledaar by Mini Punjab, which serves the biggest thali ever, the Dara Singh Thali

You must be thinking what’s so special about this thali, right?

Well, this thali has 36, yes you heard right, 36 delicacies finely prepared by the chefs enough to feed 5 people.

They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian thalis and that too at an affordable rate. 


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If you are visiting this place, then you have to make pre-reservations.

What is the price of Dara Singh Thali?

Mini Punjab’s, The Dara Singh Thali costs around ₹1,100. The perk is that it can easily feed up to 4-5 people. And this is even what I’ll suggest. Just take your gang with you, you cannot complete the thali on your own.

If, however, you feel that you can end up a whole thali on your own, don’t worry about having to spend the money. 

Finish The Dara Singh Thali challenge and eat the entire thali yourself and it’s on the house (free)!

What items or dishes does the Dara Singh Thali has?

Diners can expect to eat North Indian specialties like:

  • Aloo Paratha,
  • Makki Di Roti,
  • Malai Chaap,
  • Sarson Da Saag,
  • Dal Bati Churma,
  • Murg Musallam Rice,
  • Lamb Yogurt Curry,
  • Chicken Amritsari,
  • and a whole lot more. 

Each thali also comes with different items/options:

  1. chaat,
  2. four types of drinks,
  3. one soup,
  4. seven desserts,
  5. and a range of gherkins, chutneys,

and other side dishes as well.

Overall, sit at Mini Punjab for Dara Singh thali, and you can expect to have served more than 40 items!

Well, if you are a foodie and you like exploring things and trying different delicacies then Dara Singh thali is a must for you all

The Dara Singh Thali Address

You can try this amazing thali at Mini Punjab Masaledaar.


📍 Masaledaar By Mini Punjab, 1st Floor, The Thane Club, Mohan Koppikar Road, Teen Hath Naka, Opposite Raheja Garden, Thane.

It’s the time guys. If you’re from Mumbai or live around there somewhere, pick your bags and go try this mouth-savoring thali. And while you are on your way, this might come handful: 7 Essential Hindi Road Trip Songs Everyone Should Have In Their Playlist

But in case, if you’re from Delhi, do check these food outlets out: 14 Food Outlets In Delhi NCR Everyone Need To Visit At Least Once In Their Lives

P.s. you can thank me later for this post. Hehe!

Also, mention in the comment which food you liked the most in the whole thali.


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