Delhi COVID Resource: Oxygen Cylinders, Beds, and Medicines

Imagine the plight of somebody who’s looking for oxygen cylinders, beds, or medicines in such times. Even with all the COVID Delhi resources available online, it’s really hard for ANYONE to get these services delivered successfully.

So, I reached out to all the helpline numbers for oxygen cylinders, beds, and medicines available online.

Out of 10 helpline numbers for COVID beds, none worked. But a friend of mine, who works at the GTB hospital gave me this number: 18002008701

You can reach out to this number for all the information about beds in Delhi.

Also, these 5 hospitals are the ones that have some beds left for now:
– GTB Hospital (Contact: 8595948014)
– Satyavati Harishchandra Hospital (Contact: 01127787008, 1127781046)
– Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt.
– Rajiv Gandhi Super Speciality Hospital

Out of 23 helpline numbers I saw in the resources (available online) for oxygen cylinders, no one has any cylinders left.

But through a source, I came to know that there’s a shop from where you can get the oxygen cylinders for now.
Address: Shop No. 58, Giani’s wali Gali, Near McDonald’s, Kamla Nagar


And out of all the medicines facilities I reached out to, the ones who really are responding and delivering the medicines is LKS hospital. You can reach out to them at 18002707755 or order the medicines online at

NOTE: If you have a doctor’s prescription, then you can go out without an e-pass as that prescription itself will consider as a pass. And even though it’s a lockdown, in case of some health emergency, you can go out without an e-pass.

To everyone out there, I know you’ve been reading this everywhere. I know, everyone is telling you the same thing to not go out until it’s really urgent. BUT, trust me, you have no clue of whatever that is happening around you.

COVID is just a number until it happens to someone you love, so all I can say is stay home, stay safe, and… yup, I hope this might turn out to be helpful for someone. And… yeah, that’s it! Take care ❤


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