Manny and Kizzie in "Dil Bechara"

6 Important Life Lessons You Can Learn From Dil Bechara

Honestly, being a huge Sushant Singh Rajput admirer, “Dil Bechara” wasn’t a movie I watched to review or learn anything from. It was just an unfruitful attempt at catching his magic come alive once again on the screen, one last time. Nevertheless, after the inconsolable sobbing here are a few life lessons I learned literally the ‘hard way.’

1. The right person will come to you at the right time, teach you a lesson you needed to learn and leave

Sushant and Sanjana in Dil Bechara

Before Manny came into Kizie’s life, her life was pretty much scans, medicines, and therapy with little desire to live. But with Manny coming into her life, her perspectives changed. Of course, the medicines, scans were still there but she found a better reason to bare with them, a happy one at that.

Keeping the Bollywood extravaganza aside, we could see how he changed Kizie from a frustrated patient waiting for death to a person who believed “Jab Tak Meri Rani Zinda Hai, Hamari Kahani Bhi Zinda Hai”

That’s what love does to us, nai?


2. You can suffer from a deadly disease and still live life to the fullest

Deadly disease in Dil Bechara

One thing I have always struggled to make peace with is the fact why do we have to learn how to live from the ones who are dying?

Why can’t we see the beauty of life while being in the best situation possible?

Kizie and Manny found ways to do what they wanted, lived to their best so I sure can tolerate the cribbing boss of mine or the sudden temp financial crunch or fights with loved ones.

3. Planning things with friends and making it come true is the best feeling ever

Sushant as Manny in "Dil Bechara"

Manny and Pandey were the best of friends.

They had a simple dream, of making a film together. And they did. But with a catch, Pandey lost his eyes before completing the shoot, and Manny died before the movie premiered. Strange isn’t it?

The most we can do is make treasured relationships like one where at Manny’s made up funeral, Pandey said, “Accha hua aakhe chali gayi, mujhe aisi duniya hi nahi dekhni jisme Manny na ho!”

4. Things don’t always turn out the way we think they will

Maany and Kizzie in Paris

Kizie had long been obsessed with the song composed by Abhimanyu Veer and wonders why he left it incomplete.

She gets an invite to meet him in Paris but…. there’s always a but, she just before she had to be rushed to the hospital.


Even after going to Paris, she discovers Abhimanyu Veer is nothing like the person she had imagined. Veer was a broken shell of a man harden by loss of a loved one and he rightly said, “Gaana adhura hai kyuki life adhuri hai”

5. When you want to fulfill somebody else’s dream more than your own, realize that it’s love

Manny and Kizzie in love


Manny had big dreams of course before he lost his leg to Osteosarcoma. Nevertheless, with his undying spirit, he could have realized all of them but he no longer wanted to.

He wanted to fulfill just that one small dream that Kizie had – Going to Paris to meet Abhimanyu Veer.

6. People can leave, but their memories live through us

Sushant and Sanjana as Manny and Kizzie in "Dil Bechara"

Right after Kizie had a new zeal to live, life took an unbelievable twist. Manny’s cancer had relapsed and there wasn’t much time left.

Right when we think we have all of it under control, life gets away to bring us down on our feet.

Fortunately, Manny’s death wasn’t portrayed in the film but the letter he left behind for Kizie made the message pretty clear, “Raja to marr gaya, par meri raani zinda hai… Aur tab tak humari kahani bhi zinda hai”

This was a take away from all that I have seen and felt while watching ‘Dil Bechara’. Even though this was Sushant’s last movie, he is always going to come alive in the millions of memories he has left us with.

The nation today is united to get him justice and all their love and influence proves what a legacy he has left behind. But no matter what happens, whether or not the propaganda around the tragedy ends, in the end, the only truth that remains is he is gone and we’ll never see this smile again.

Sushant as Manny in Dil Bechara

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P.S. If you haven’t still watched “Dil Bechara”, watch it here for free.


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