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Artemis Fowl: Another Great Story Ruined By Disney (Worst Book-To-Film Adaptation Ever)

As we all know Disney thrives on magical/fantasy plots. If you’re not familiar with them here are some examples: Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas, some of the most recent ones are Artemis Fowl which was released in June 2020 and Mulan which released in March 2020.

The one we are talking about here is Artemis Fowl, based on a book series by the same name. With the risk of sounding cliché, I must admit that the book series Artemis Fowl is a must-read, I’m not so sure about the movie though!

This is not the first time Disney has taken a well-written story and twisted into something which can be called more of a magical disaster rather than a movie.

Another of such disastrous ventures has been the Percy Jackson movie series but we’re not here to talk about that so let’s keep that aside for another time.

Talking about Artemis Fowl, it’s centered around a 12-year-old genius who comes from an ancestry full of criminal masterminds and happens to have an IQ level superior to Einstein himself. He finds out about the fairy civilization that has been living underground and decides to exploit them with one genius and foolproof plan.


It’s a particularly well-written book series with 8 books in total as of now.

I can’t give away much story here as that would be giving away spoilers, and you might end up not reading this article after seeing the spoiler alert with the title. So I’m just going to shed some light on where Disney has failed to present as great a movie as the books are:

1) Firstly Disney took a little part from every book of the series and just mindlessly placed them all over the movie.


2) Secondly, Disney changed the gender of one of the most important characters in the story, which is really annoying.

3) As if the above-mentioned points were not enough Disney has changed the moral characteristics of the main character which is Artemis fowl himself. Disney has displayed him as a person who thinks from both his brain and his heart which is by far accurate.

4) Another of the disappoint was the flashy outfits worn by the characters, not that much of a turn down for most of the people but for someone like me who has binge read the book series over and over again, it is just not good enough.

Even with all these mistakes, it could have been a good movie but the bad acting of some of the lead characters was the final blow of disappointment for me.

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Have you watched the Artemis Fowl movie series yet? If yes, then do let me know your take of it in the comments below! And don’t worry, if you haven’t watched it already, you’re not missing anything good.



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