9 Things Every Tall Indian Girl Will Relate To

9 Things Every Tall Indian Girl Will Relate To

1. Every top is CROP top!

2. You can never find a perfect jeans of your size.

3. Be it a cinema hall or a flight, hamare liye legroom hamesha kam hi padta hai

4. School assembly line mein last me khada hona

5. Going out with short friends and getting *awkward stares*

P.S. When people see you and then instantly look at your feet to check ki itni height kahi heels se toh nahi badhi hai

6. No shorts ever are the perfect fit/length

7. Cannot wear all the beaudyyy heels cause born with one already.

8. “You should try for modelling” is the ideal career advice.

9. “Ab bas bhi karo. Ladka kaise milega?”


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