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14 Hidden & Interesting Facts About Karnataka We Bet You Didn’t Know

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You must have read about Vijayanagara Empire in your History classes in school, right? Well, just so you know; this greatest of all times Empire was based in Karnataka.

I bet sometimes it would have fascinated you to know more facts about Karnataka. Well, you don’t have to google these facts anymore because I am here with some interesting facts about Karnataka.

Let’s cut to the chase. Today I’ll be talking about the Lands of heavens “Karnataka”. 

You all must be knowing Karnataka by different names like the IT capital of Asia or maybe Silicon Valley of India. Though, I only knew Karnataka simply as the largest state of the South. 


Karnataka is not just the largest state in the south but, it has much more to give than we think. Today, I’ll be talking about the same through some facts about Karnataka.

So, get ready for some mind-boggling and stirring facts.

But before that, here is a short geography class for you all, especially about Karnataka. Hehe!



Karnataka is situated in the southwestern region and is one of the most prosperous states in India.

It has made tremendous progress in the fields of education, industry, agriculture, literature, and tourism.

Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka and is known as the Silicon Valley of Asia due to its flourishing Information Technology industry.

History & Culture

Karnataka was formed on 1st November 1956 when the States Reorganisation Act came into effect. At that time Karnataka was known as the State of Mysore. It was renamed Karnataka in the year 1973.

Every year 1st November is celebrated as the Kannada Rajyotsava (Karnataka Formation Day). It is done to commemorate the merger of all the Kannada language-speaking areas of South India into a single state. The day is a significant part of Karnataka’s history.

Geography & Division

Karnataka is the seventh-largest state in India in terms of area and has 30 districts.

Karnataka is bounded by the Arabian Sea and the Laccadive Sea on the west, Goa on the north-west, Maharashtra to the north, Telangana on the north-east, Andhra Pradesh on the east, Tamil Nadu on the south-east and Kerala on the south-west.

The major rivers flowing through Karnataka are:

  • Cauvery,
  • Kabini,
  • Krishna, and
  • Tungabhadra. 

Music Culture

Music Culture in Karnataka

With an antiquity that dates to the paleolithic, Karnataka has been home to some of the most powerful empires of ancient and medieval India. The philosophers and musical bards patronized by these empires launched socio-religious and literary movements which have endured to the present day. Karnataka has contributed significantly to both forms of Indian classical music, the Carnatic and Hindustani traditions.

I told you in a brief about the land of heavens Karnataka. But this is not it there is more to know about Karnataka.

Let’s explore some fascinating facts about Karnataka.

Facts about Karnataka

💡 Facts about Karnataka that I bet you didn’t know.

1. Largest Exporter of Coffee

I think it would not be false to say that coffee is the national drink of Karnataka.

Well, let us tell you in detail that coffee was originally grown in India in Chikmagalur, several centuries ago. Since then, coffee plantations have become commonplace in this magnificent state.

Nowadays, Karnataka is not only the largest exporter of coffee but also one of the largest consumers. Therefore, it would be fair to say that coffee is the state beverage of Karnataka.

2. Largest Walk-Through Aviary

Ever been to an aviary before?

If not, then you have to catch a glimpse of Lake Karanji in Mysore where the biggest aviary on foot of India is installed.

The lake is surrounded by beautiful gardens, a park, and a zoo, making it a popular weekend destination for residents.

The aviary is home to more than 50 birds, an artificial cascade, and some ponds.

3. Home to Bijapur, the land of 5 Rivers

If you think that the land of 5 rivers is only Punjab, then you should correct yourself.


Situated in the state of Karnataka, Bijapur is also home to five rivers. The main rivers which flow through this ancient city are:

  1. the Doni River,
  2. the Bhima River,
  3. the Krishna River, and
  4. the Sina River.

Another interesting fact about Bijapur, which enhances the reputation of Karnataka, is that it is home to Gol Gumbaz, which is the largest dome in the country and the second-largest dome in the world.

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4. Owns the epitome of Royalty: The Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace, the second most visited monument in India after the Taj Mahal, is the incarnation of royalty.

Located in the heart of the city and one of the most popular regal buildings in the world, Mysore Palace was built during the late 19th century and since then, it has been a major attraction for tourists coming from all across the globe.

Do you believe that you can find such a luxury palace somewhere else in India? Certainly not.

Btw, this majestic beauty is also referred to as the pride of Karnataka. 

Woman in Karnataka

5. The Rebellious Rani’s – Before Lakshmi Bai

The history of Karnataka offers the country, the courageous history of a queen who stood up and fought against British colonial power, decades before the advent of Rani Laxmibai.

Rani Chennamma, also known as Kittur Chennamma, was the Queen of the former princely state Kittur.

She led an armed rebellion against the East Indian Company and rebelled against the Kappa tax.

The Vijayanagara Empire

6. The Vijayanagara Empire

Hampi, the city of temples and ancient complexes is a well-known UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is a witness of the grandees of the Vijayanagara Empire, which is said to have lasted longer than that of the Mughal Empire.


💡 Did you know about the musical pillars in Hampi?

A standout amongst the most appealing structures is the Vittala Temple.

This antiquated temple is famous for its marvelous architecture. It is also known for another extraordinary architectural marvel: 56 melodic columns or musical pillars.

These pillars create melodic sounds when tapped delicately. The most intriguing thing is that the columns are constructed using stones.

The melodic mainstays of Vittala Temple are also called SAREGAMA pillars.

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Manufacturing Indian Flag


7. Manufacturing unit of Tiranga

Where do you think all these Indian flags come from?


Let us tell you that Karnataka is the only state that has the license to manufacture Indian flags.

Located at Bengeri in the Dharwad district, Karnataka Khadi and Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha, otherwise written as KKGSSF, is the unit in India that is authorized to produce the India flag.

This unit was founded in the 1950s by a group of Gandhians. Today, it is supplying flags all over the country.

8. One of the first Hydroelectric cities

Before the arrival of electricity, kerosene lamps dotted Bengaluru’s roads.

In fact, three men were specifically appointed to handle street lighting. One would clean the black soot left of the fuel that burnt the previous night, another would fill it with kerosene, while the third one would light the flame. An inspector oversaw the lighting scheme across the city.

This was the standard practice until 7 pm on August 5, 1905, when a large crowd that gathered around KR Market was wonder-struck when the lights came on at the flick of a switch. That evening, Bengaluru became the first city in Asia to light up its streets with electricity.

“Hydroelectric power was harnessed from the Cauvery Falls at Shivanasamudra to power mining operations in Kolar Gold Fields (KGF). Oh, btw!
Do you remember the blockbuster movie KGF?
It is about the same gold mines. The transmission lines passed through Bengaluru. Later, when the hydroelectric power station generated excess power, it was used to light up the streets in the city,”

Sanskrit Language

9. Let’s talk in Sanskrit, shall we?

Tucked away in the verdant Shimoga district of Karnataka, Mattur is a tiny hamlet on the banks of the perennial river Tunga.

The villagers of Mattur, who lead a Vedic lifestyle, chant the ancient texts and converse in Sanskrit, have made sure the ancient language flourishes in their village.

The students at the pathshala also collect old Sanskrit palm leaves, expand the script on computers, and rewrite the damaged text in present-day Sanskrit to make it available to the common man in the form of publications. Over the years, many students from abroad have also stayed and undergone crash courses at the pathshala to learn the language.

Everybody in Mattur, from the vegetable vendor to the priest, understands Sanskrit. Most speak the language fluently too.

It is not unusual to see a group of elders reciting Vedic hymns by the riverside while a couple of young men zoom past them on their bikes, flaunting their mobile phones as they converse in the ancient language. Even young children squabbling and playing cricket on the ground speak Sanskrit fluently.

10. The domain of many literal legends

The state of Karnataka sustains its winning streak of the prestigious Janpath literary awards with a maximum number of awardees nominated by the state.

Karnataka has won a total of 8 Janpath literary awards.

Bengaluru - Tech Hub in Karnataka

11. Hub of Techies

Karnataka has always been known for its technical prowess. Its foundations were laid in the erstwhile Mysore State by one of the greatest Indian engineers of all time, Sir M Visvesvaraya. 

Since its formation in 1972, the state of Karnataka has been a place for entrepreneurs to blossom.

The history of Karnataka’s industry can be explained in three phases; its growth in information technology only happened after 1991. Until 1991, Karnataka was known for its support to SMB manufacturers and its large-scale state-owned manufacturing units. 

The state created an ecosystem of engineering excellence with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) headquartered in Bengaluru. The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) helped put Bengaluru on the global map as a science hub.

So, it was only prescient that in 1991, when India opened up its economy to the world, the IT services industry became what it was today.

12. A refuge for tigers

Karnataka is home to several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, thanks to the presence of the Western Ghats in the state which is one of the hottest biodiversity spots in India.

Hence, it has become successful in retaining the highest population of tigers in India today. As per a recent survey, more than 400 big cats are flourishing in the national parks and sanctuaries of Karnataka. Well, that is one commendable fact, isn’t it?

13. Home to first private Radio Station

To everyone’s surprise, Karnataka is also the first state where the first private radio station was set up. In 2001, Radio City 91.1 FM was started for the first time in Bangalore.  

Today, this national channel has more than 50 radio stations of its own all across the country. This is truly an achievement.

Tipu Sultan and the first war rockets

14. First to produce Rocket Cannonry in the country

We have all heard of Tipu Sultan, the most powerful ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore.

Do you know he was the first ruler, or say the first-ever person in India, to produce rocket artillery?

He did so to assault the British army and protect his kingdom from losing independence. Though his image of being a freedom fighter is still a debatable topic, we still thank him for introducing such a great technique to the country.


Not just these but there is much more to explore about Karnataka? For example, the Oriental Research Institute of Mysore has the oldest library in the country and is a Realm to many old manuscripts from ancient times. 

Not just this, the Gomateshwara Statue with 58-foot-tall height is the world’s biggest monolithic statue situated at Shravanabelagola, a town 144 km away from Bangalore.

Oh! The list is so big it won’t end, but I mentioned some hidden facts about Karnataka that one must surely know about living in India.

This beautiful land is just not a place for tourists to visit but, more than that, it has some hidden gems that the world still needs to explore and know more about. The state of Karnataka is mysterious in every aspect since its inception! 

Well, this was my time with you. I will see you next time with more such interesting facts till then sayonara! And do mention some more interesting facts about Karnataka that you know, in the comments section.


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