7 Things A Guy Should Do On The First Date To Make A Girl Fall For Him Even More

Are you a guy searching for what to and what NOT to do on your first date with this girl you like and keep thinking the whole day?

Read these 7 advice on what to and what not to do on your first date!

1. Making her laugh! (Reallllly Important)

Though that doesn’t mean to fake-praise her.

2. Bringing something that you know she loves or is her favorite or is something that she mentions a lot while talking

Or while chatting!


3. By not being pretentious. NEVER.

Girls prefer and love the genuine side of yours, so stick with that behavior only. (But don’t get too lousy.)

4. By just listening more!

I’m not saying to not talk about yourself, but be a good listener as well and some genuine interest in whatever communication you guys have.


5. Driving/Walking her back to her place after a date

If possible, then do drive or walk her back to her place because conversations (and sometimes things) always go lit after a date.

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6. Bragging about yourself is a big NO!

It never works! Unless you’re trying to bore the hell out of her.

7. Dressing and smelling good

And last but not the least, dress well (not too much though) but decent. Also hey, do make sure that you smell good, you know 😉

Did you have more of such first date advice for guys? Tell me in the comments below!


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