4 Stages Everyone Goes Through On Their First Day Of College

Right now, your room at home may look a little messy. There could be piles of clothes, right, everywhere, and garbage cans of school supplies sitting on your bed. 

That’s because you’re packing up for your first day of college, and you’re gearing up for another exciting chapter in your life. 

You may be moving to a new city where you will study science, art, or business, or to a campus that has a busy quad and a 24-hour gym.

How does that feel?

I remember being aroused, nervous, and so ready to post my new house on Instagram, all at the same time.


That’s why I’m here with my feelings and thoughts that you will surely relate to on your first day of college!

1. Rush of Nervousness

Feeling Nervous

The most anticipated moment is here and eventually, everything you imagined for your first day at the college/university will come true.

Well, even though we are Gen-Z, the confident generation, we do feel an adrenaline rush on the first day of college.

2. Meeting New People!

Imagine the situation wherein you’re meeting your best friends for the very first time. This is exactly how it feels!

When it was my first day at college, I had to face a hell of a lot struggles in making friends because everyone was already friends with each other, after taking one year of online classes and I felt like I have lost a wonderful opportunity to make friends from the beginning. 

Feelings on the first day of college
Source: NY Times

3. Feeling of uncertainty

Anyone who moves to a new location, which is far from all the places they have ever been to, will feel a moment of uncertainty.


But on the other hand, there is the feeling of accomplishment.

You have just begun the journey towards a new chapter in your life and trust me, the reward is going to be so worth more in comparison to this little moment of uncertainty.

It is normal to be unsure about the future, but chill, college is a great time to figure out what your next step will be…

Feeling Homesick
Source: Tumblr

4. Homesickness

This may be your first time away from friends and family, which is surely going to make you feel homesick.

But trust me, friends and family are close at hand. Keep your eyes open. New friends who feel like family will soon fill this vacuum.

The more you are open to it during your first year on campus, the more you will feel at home. Live with an open door policy.

Join a club, meet people of similar interests or get to know people in your classrooms.

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College and hostel life: A home away from home

We all enter into college life with new expectations and new us. And these mixed feelings are some of the feelings that every one of us feels on the first day!

Think I missed something? Mention some of the common feelings in the comment section that you all felt on the first day of your college. 



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