FREE Reusable and Washable Face Masks for Everyone

FREE Reusable and Washable Face Masks for Everyone

At the time when I’m writing this post, there are 85,940 confirmed coronavirus cases in India and 2,752 deaths in total. Along with some precautions, we all have been advised to maintain social distancing to keep ourselves safe from it but think about the ones who aren’t financially well to even have a roof above their heads.

Most of us might have donated some money for their welfare but ask yourself, is it all that you can do to alleviate the situation for them and eventually for us?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you much. It’s just there’s this company “ArtisansLove” which is providing free face masks that are both washable and reusable in Gurgaon. All I want from you is to spread this word.

I got in touch with Aarushi, the co-founder of ArtisansLove to ask her about this whole free face masks concept, and below is our conversation:



Me: How this idea of free face masks came into existence?

Aarushi: ArtisansLove is always looking forward to helping out people in need. We are associated with an NGO as well. So this time also we didn’t want to miss out on the chance of helping people who are helping us in these hard times of COVID-19 and cannot afford a reusable high-quality mask. So that was the only intension.

Me: What is the logistic process behind making and distributing these free masks?

Aarushi: Making of these masks is currently taking place at our own house. They are home-crafted masks. Whatever brand-new materials we have inhouse we are using that. For distributing, if anyone needs it or informs us of an area where it is required we would encourage that person to help us take it from our concierge and distribute it for whoever they have taken it for.

Me: How can someone contact you guys for these masks?

Aarushi: WhatsApp us at 7838206102


Aarushi Jain, co-founder of ArtisansLove with reusable and free face masks

Me: Do you have any message for people out there who are terrified or struggling mentally due to this pandemic?

Aarushi: I would suggest, to stay calm, positive, and be responsible for the country. This situation is tough for all of us and whoever of us is capable of doing something good for all the COVID-19 helpers, should contribute in some or the other way.

Stay home, stay safe.

Read the full interview with Aarushi Jain, here.

Please do help us in spreading this news by sharing it with your friends or on your social media platforms. You can also order it by yourself for people you think are in need.

To better understand the whole Coronavirus situation and how India, as a country is fighting with it, read Wuhan Virus: What India is doing about that?

In case of any query, you can directly reach out to ArtisansLove on WhatsApp at 7838206102 or on Instagram at @artisansloveofficial.


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