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19 Totally Insulting Yet Funny Gordon Ramsay Memes That’ll Make You Go ROFL

It’s Fuc***g raw!

Gordon Ramsay!

Those who know him shall directly scroll down to the memes below but the ones who doesn’t, well, let me introduce him.

So, Gordon Ramsay is someone who every participant of Hell’s Kitchen and US Masterchef, HATES! I mean, he’s someone from whom everyone’s terrified of.

But wait, who am I to say so na? So, let me just leave it upon your shoulders.

See these 19 insulting yet terrifically funny Gordon Ramsay memes and decide by yourself.


1. Want to have some chicken made by our Gordon Ramsay himself?

The Chicken you cooked is so raw, PETA is trying to save it

2. Two-child policy!

Gordon Ramsay - Meme

3. ‘coz there’s no such word as “disparaging” in Ramsay’s dictionary.

Gordon Ramsay Insulting Meme

4. “Some people are worth melting for”

Think I'll call you Else... Because everything you serve here is FROZEN

5. What a wonderful phrase, Ain’t no passing craze.

Pork is so Raw - Gordon Ramsay Meme


6. Meanwhile Gordon Ramsay must be shouting at somebody right now, “This Scallop is so raw, it gave me directions to Spongebob”

Gordon Ramsay hated 2020

7. mmmmmmmmmmm….. best Gordon Ramsay meme?

Water meme - Gordon Ramsay

8. Meanwhile, Dragon to Mario, “Your Princess is in another castle”

Mushroom meme - Gordon Ramsay

9. It could be Ron Weasley.


Chicken Meme - Gordon Ramsay

10. How did you even do that?

Water is Burnt!

11. Well, at least, this isn’t so raw.

Work Smart, Not Hard - Gordon Ramsay Meme

12. It must be really hot, ***Exhale***.

This soup is dry!

13. When I make 2 minute noodles in 10 minutes 👨‍🍳

Master Chef - Gordon Ramsay

14. Let me correct it: The US is trying to invade the plate shotly.

So much oil - Gordon Ramsay Meme

15. Why am I being yelled at?

Gordon Ramsay - Meme

16. With high temperature and red sky.

Gordon Ramsay - Insulting Meme

17. But Gordon, water is not dry, if it makes you wet. Think about it. 🤔

Gordan Ramsay - Twitter Meme

18. This makes this thread a bit more tolerable.

Bernie Sanders with Gordon Ramsay

19. Wow, that is rare.

Beef is rare - Gordon Ramsay Meme

So, that was it!

19 Insulting yet funny Gordon Ramsay memes that… well, should I even say anything anymore? Naah. But hey, see the image below to know how popular Gordon Ramsay MEMES are!

Gordon Ramsay Memes

Keep laughing 🙂

Disclaimer: All the memes used in this post are curated from various social media platforms and Stagbite, in no way, says or wants anyone to think that it’s created by us.


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