Gunjan Saxena: How Patriotism Differs From Women To Men

“Arey Jung me ladhne ke liye kya ladke kam pad gaye hai ki hum hamare Desh ki beti ki baazi lagaade? sabko pata hai lady POW ke saath kya hota hai, Uski raksha hame karni padegi”, these were the words echoing across the nation, when the first women pilot of IAF, Gunjan Saxena set out to go on a war. As a result, Gunjan wasn’t allowed to participate in the war and was asked to return to her base camp, because ‘Desh ki Beti ko bachana hai.

Janhvi Kapoor in and as Gunjan Saxena

I don’t understand how patriotism can differ from men to women.

When men vow to serve their country, does the vow change for men and women? No, it doesn’t.

If a bullet kills a man does it spare the woman? No. 

When there’s no boundation by nature, then why do we constantly keep pitting men against women? Do we have the ‘First Male cook?’, then why is there a need for the ‘First Women who went to War?’


The only thing that the ‘First of Men/Women’ tag does is that it limits the profession and show that it is better suited for only men or women. And we know that’s not the truth.

Women don’t need a ‘Special’ position in the world, they need an ‘Equal’ position

It’s such a simple thing, yet we make it so big!

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I agree that Women have been constructed a certain way and men, a little different. But if you can focus on the ‘Inferior Physical Strength’ of a woman why can’t we applaud the ‘Superior Emotional availability?’

Here, if a guy is sensitive or emotional and cries, we term them ‘kya ladki jaise rota hai?‘ Kyu? Why do we have to make feelings gender specific? Do we have a right to?

I feel that all the Society’s wrongdoings are like a dreadful cautious Whatsapp forward, kisiko nhi pata kisne bhejna shuru kiya, na kisi ko pata hai ki sach hai ki jhoot, bass sab forward kiye jaa rahe hai, making this a way the society today functions.  


Pankaj Tripathi and Janhvi Kapoor in Gunjan Saxena

The character of Gunjan is nicely portrayed by Jahnvi Kapoor, Pankaj Tripathi plays an amazing father and other actors make an awesome presence + support on-screen.

One scene that I particularly remember is a sequence between Gunjan’s parents and her neighbors where they watched the Kargil War updates on the news. The neighbors tried to mock both Pankaj Tripathi and Ayesha Raza for letting both their children go to war, what would happen to them? 

To which the mother, Ayesha Raza replies, “Bhaiya sab aapke jaise sochne lage to desh ki raksha kon karega!“. Also, it’s worth noting that Gunjan’s mother wasn’t very fond of her being a pilot in the beginning.

The movie shows a beautiful journey of a girl jisko sirf ‘plane udana hai.‘ No matter what the mother says, what her own brother says, or what the society says.

If today you see someone with a passion to do something however unconventional, please don’t stop them no matter a girl or boy. We say that Society is flawed but we also know that we make the society. Look within and you’ll know.

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Lastly, I would like to leave you with a question.

So, when Gunjan was sent on the rescue mission at the last minute and she’d seen a fighter plane blow up, a few soldiers were injured. Her plane was the next one to be attacked. There was an incredible risk going forward and her commander asked her to abort the mission and come back. Ignoring him, she went ahead to rescue the officer who was nothing but mean to her throughout. 

Real Picture of Gunjan Saxena

If Gunjan Saxena were replaced by a male pilot, what are the odds they would risk their lives on something completely illogical?

That’s the difference, the heart, the emotions, and the strength that it brings, definitely equals if not surpasses the physical strength of men. So, Pehle khud badlo, shayad aapko dekh ke log badal jaye.

  ***Jai Hind***



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