If Characters Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Had A Tinder Profile, This Is How It Would Have Looked Like

Would you right swipe any of them? 💁‍♂️

Robin Scherbatsky

Robin, 28

Journalist 🎥 | 🍺🔫

Swipe right. Or don’t. I literally don’t care, eh. But you should because I’m one hell of a woman if you can handle me 💃🔥

Ted Mosby

Ted, 30

“If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life.” – Pablo Neruda

If I’m not teaching architecture right now, I’m probably doing crosswords, collecting coins, visiting a Renaissance fair or watching Annie Hall. Would be way more fun with you joining me? ❤



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Barney Stinson

Bareny, 30

Hey ladys ❤️  I’m handsome, make a ton of money and can fulfill all your secret dreams 😏 I’m an astronaut, doctor, lawyer, magician, and won 5 noble prizes and my friends call me the sexiest man alive. Living with EPS (Enormous Penis Syndrome) isn’t always easy 😥 but maybe you can stay by my side when times get… hard. You and me will be legen – wait for it – dary! Legendary!

Lily and Marshall

LilyMarhsall, 30

Hi we are Marshall & Lily!
Married since 07! 💍💍

We’d love to meet a nice couple to play charades 🎭, eat some gouda 🧀 go to brunch and vacation with and just spice things a little up 😏🔥


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