I Think, I'm Fine

I Think, I’m Fine

I think,
Everyone says that,
I’m a loser.
I’ve started believing that,
There’s no hope.
I think,
Everyone says that,
There’s always hope.
I wanna ask myself,
Who am I,
What am I,
How am I,
What am I doing,
What so heavy that I’m carrying on,
What are those tears that are rolling on,
What are those fears,
What’s that pain,
What’s the struggle,
Which my heart’s keep doing every second,
To convince me.
To disguise itself into a
Symbol of love,
To make me feel that,
One day, she’ll love me back.
Not that much but she will.
What are those hatred,
That I’m keeping inside me.
Whenever I answer their question,
How are you..?
By this 4 lettered word F-I-N-E.
Everyone says that,
You don’t look FINE.
But I am not fine, and I’ll never be.
But If I’ll be like this,
I’ll start believing.
That I’m not good enough for her,
That I’m a failure, I can do nothing,
No one is going to like me,
And I am just a piece of junk in a trash can.
Nobody wants me,
No one will accept me,
I’ve started believing all of this.
I was just one step closer to jump
Into death,
Stopping my heart to pump,
Stopping my brain to work,
Stopping everything,
But I stepped back.
I don’t know why,
I did.
And ran away to jump into,
Loneliness, fear, pain, failure,
And ruining myself.
I stepped back from a full stop,
To write my story,
On a blackboard,
With a black pen.



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