IAS Dr. Tanu Jain

Dr. Tanu Jain: A Multitalented IAS Officer

India is a land of competition.

We have to give rigorous entrance tests to get through any college and become what we wish to be.

Amidst this competition, the most difficult exams and jobs have an added layer of challenge.

Getting into medical universities is one of them. We all have known people who have been working for years to get into a proper medical school.

In this list of challenging exams, we also have UPSC, one of the toughest exams in the world to crack.


But, what if I told you, we have someone who has managed to ace both?

Yes, a master of all trades, Dr. Tanu Jain, is a doctor-turned IAS officer who has managed to make a mark for herself in both domains.

Not only did she crack the exam, but she also managed to rank in a good place.

IAS Dr. Tanu Jain journey
Tanu Jain

What is IAS Dr. Tanu Jain Upto?

The road to being a civil servant is a tedious path to take. And, as we all know, the preparations in themselves take many years.

I told you that we have a superhuman who has completed her doctoral degree as an MBBS student. Also managed to rank amongst the top in the coveted UPSC exam.

Dr. Tanu Jain ranked AIR 501 and was located at the Armed Forces Headquarters Service.

Tanu is not only capable of doing that much but much more, my friend.

She is a motivational speaker, educator, voracious reader, and someone who is relentlessly working towards helping the welfare of the country.

Currently, she works as the assistant director at DRDO.

Dr. Tanu Jain also constantly helps IAS aspirants to achieve their goals. She guides them and teaches them how to reach their destination more efficiently.

This has also made her a crowd favorite.

IAS Dr. Tanu Jain teaching aspiring UPSC students

With a long trajectory of switching carriers and job designations, she has had an adventurous job profile.

Tanu is a testimony of how life could turn out so different from planned.

She was also a part of the interviewing team of new IAS aspirants at Drishti IAS. She has interviewed so many aspirants before taking charge as the assistant director.

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IAS Journey

Tanu Jain is a Delhite. She was born and brought up in Delhi. However, she originally hails from Uttar Pradesh.

Her decision to go for civil services came after she joined her first internship as a doctor.

She realized that the job was limiting. And she could not do as much good as she wanted to do.

Thus, she chose to pursue civil services, and her willpower helped her achieve it.


Also, Tanu tells IAS Aspirants that it is necessary to have a mentor for yourself who would guide you in the right way. The mentor could be anyone, parents, teachers, and friends.

She also advises people to keep analyzing their preparation so that they know their progress.

IAS Dr. Tanu Jain mentoring UPSC aspirants

The road to success for Tanu was not easy. Although, she had a good academic record throughout her life. But, she put in all her discipline and effort to excel in whatever she chooses to do.

It would have been tough not to lose focus and interest after becoming a doctor, but Tanu kept trying. She had taken six attempts to get into the services finally, but she kept trying through all her trials.


All through her preparation, the only thing she was concerned about was finishing the exam and coming out meritorious.

She made her decision to switch an already fruitful career because she was not happy with it. Something many of us are always thinking about. But, she stood by her choice.

Tanu is a testimony of how genuine seriousness and willpower can overturn your life in a way you might like.

Tanu Jain on Social Media

IAS Dr. Tanu Jain has been very active on her social media profiles where she talks about why and how one should prepare for UPSC exams.

Her Quora profile files the journey of how one should be going about the entire training journey until they crack the exam.

She has always believed in spreading knowledge and she considers that after reaching a post as important as an IAS in the world’s biggest bureaucracy, India; it is her duty to help people and direct them towards understanding how important knowledge is.

In her Quora answers, she also talks about how important books are. She says that not every aspirant is blessed with a relative, friend, or family member who is already into services and is ready to guide them.

Therefore, people often do not crack the exams because they do not understand what to do and don’t have the right guidance.

Although she has not been very active over the past year, her old answers are really helpful for people who are looking for guidance from someone in the services.

Tanu Jain on Twitter

Dr. Tanu Jain is very active on Twitter as compared to other social media platforms. She uses Twitter as a platform where she talks about and promotes things that she believes in.

Dr. Jain is an avid reader and she has continuously stressed the importance of reading at all ages. She also shares bits of quick knowledge and trivia regularly.

You will get to know how she balances her work and her personal interests as an active civil servant serving the administration in this era. 

You can check out some of her tweets below!

1. The Law of wasted effort

The Law of Wasted Effort

2. A life long struggle?

Career Advice by IAS Dr. Tanu Jain


3. Read, read, read!

Read read read tweet by Tanu Jain

4. Life is unfair

Life is Unfair tweet by Tanu Jain

If you keep on persevering what you want with all your heart, effort, and time there is no stopping for you. You reach your goal no matter what.

This young woman has worked through a society full of problems ranging from financial to patriarchal issues.

IAS Dr. Tanu Jain is an inspiration to everyone, second-guessing if they should take their first flight!

You’ve got this; jump in, guys!


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