5 Quotes From “If It's Not Forever. It's Not Love.” That Proves Why It's Durjoy Dutta's Best Work Till Date

“Being loved and wanted is the most amazing feeling in the world... it's like a whole new experience.”

“Caring about what others think is the biggest jail one can put oneself in.”


“Avantika: 'Do I look happy when I am asleep?' Deb: 'Yes, you do.' Avantika: 'Then I'm sure I'm dreaming about you'... These little things are what make my life worth living.”

“When you're in love, it's meant for life, isn't it?”

“Avantika : I know you love me. Yes, you try to get me naked half of the time, but i love you for that too. you are my boyfriend and it's always great to have a boyfriend who gets turned on by a mere touch. Makes life a lot easier.”


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