Improve Writing Skills

5 Must-Know Ways to Improve your Writing Skills

Write what your heart feels, and the words will speak volumes and before you’ll know, you’ll be appreciated for the way you write. If you have some extra toppings with the below basic ingredients necessary for a good write up the recipe, kudos, you have the people on your side.

1) Hey! Please Listen.

One of the key features which makes a good writer is his ability to listen. Strange it seems, but true it is.

Listening to people with good vocabulary acts as an icing on the cake, as it is easy to grasp things we listen to regularly.

So, next time you find a person with an amazing vocabulary, buy a coffee, and sit for a conversation.


2) What about a castle of books?

Yes, true!

Surround yourself with books, of any genre that interests you, of any specific writer you are fond of, so that it is easy to cultivate a habit of reading.

Reading books or journals acts as a grammar therapy to people weaker in the section, and helps them in getting familiar with general writing techniques and methods. 

To decide what to read next, you can check out our Book Recommendation section, here.

3) A tale of day-dreaming.

“Does the moon also have some standards of beauty?”, a deep thought, isn’t it?


If grammar and vocabulary are the organs of writing, then the thought process is the heart of it. There is no harm in spending an afternoon fascinating about the topic you are going to write on.

4) “Think before you write.”

While writing a sentence, pause for a second and check whether the sentence is grammatically and spelling wise correct or not.

Keep checkpoints, and rollback whenever needed.

Jot down the repeated mistakes.

This will generate self-awareness and if a person is aware of his mistakes, he is halfway through the process of rectifying them.

If you introduce yourself as one who gets lost while keeping it to all these points. Reach out to me for effective copies at

5) “Try, try and try until you succeed.”

And this is the simplest and one of the most effective methods, just keep on trying. No one is born perfect, but as it is said, “Practice makes a man perfect.”

Happy writing!


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I sighed and tried to write, shall I?

I sighed and tried to write, shall I?

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