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11 Indian Comedy Podcasts You Should Absolutely Check Out!

2021 is the era of podcasts.

All of us know a friend who has a podcast of their own or has a ‘crazy’ idea for an ‘amazing’ podcast.

Sometimes, I wonder, how did we transition from abandoning radio to storming clubhouse. And, now consuming podcasts across the hundreds of audio platforms around us.

Well, that’s a discussion for another day.

But, now that I have established all of us are into some kind of podcast. Don’t deny, I know you are.


So have you ever looked for some amazing comedy podcasts in India?

Yes, we have quite a lot of international comedy stalwarts doing their own audio shows, but the Indian scene is not far behind.

People from across the country are putting out content every day that would have you laughing out of your senses. And, the podcast format is not far behind.

I bring to you a curated list of all the comedy podcasts that would do a 180-degree shift to your mood as soon as you tune in!

So, get ready for some recommendations.

1. The Internet Said So

The Internet Said So is a podcast created by comedians Varun Thakur, Aadar Malik, Kautuk Srivastava, and Neville Shah.

The premise of the podcast is very simple. The boys bring out different topics that have touched them or things they have been thinking about and talk about them at length.

As the name goes, there are also some quirky facts that are available on the internet. If you’re looking for facts then I don’t think this is the right place. But, if you are looking for some jokes, laughter, fun, and bizarreness along with a garnish of fact then jump in!

This is for you.

The show would has this unique vibe with Neville’s know-it-alls, Varun’s punchlines and acts, Aadars nonsensical facts, and Kautuk’s storytelling. They recently celebrated their 100 episodes.

Check it out, if you haven’t.

This weekly podcast is available across all platforms including Varun Thakur’s YouTube channel.

2. Simple Ken

Simple Ken is created by Kenneth Sebastian aka Kenny from the comedy scene.

All of us have had our share of laughs with his jokes, and Chai Time with Kenny videos. But this series gives us a new version of Kenny which is slow, calm yet funny because, well professional ethics!

In the show, he talks about some relatable issues all of us go through but with his own comedic touch. You can also see some of the most haywire premises that just come to him naturally.

And, if you are also a quirky mind with some weird thoughts, then viola, you will find a company in the comment section.

But that’s not all. He takes about serious stuff as well and how he deals with it. The episodes range from childhood stories to toxic positivity.

After the long recording of him speaking, as he likes to call it, you will either come out from a nostalgia trip or who be giggling throughout.

Either way, wholesome will be the feeling you will have, just like a hug.

Check it out on his youtube, and other audio platforms now.

3. Our Last Week

You laugh at what happened after you look back at some point of your life.

In Our Last Week, Anuvab Pal and Kunal Kapoor do this every week, showing us how absurd everyday life could actually be.

Their everyday experiences and anecdotes from the past make you go from WOW to What? (all at the same time)


Known for their satirical humor they also discuss daily affairs and their perspective on, why or why not it is not the biggest issue right now.

4. Cyrus Says

MTV’s veteran host Cyrus Barucha talks to people from the entertainment industry every day and brings about the fun part of their jobs.

He also gets the guests to react to the most controversial issues at that point in time. And, well, there is no limit to controversies in our country.

The show is a landmark Cyrus show.

You can find Cyrus with his nonstop energy, funny takes, and also cutting his co-hosts and guests sometimes as well. You will also get a glimpse into his furry of random thoughts live.

If you have missed his energetic presence, then you should definitely check this out.

You will find him and an interesting guest throughout the week at 10 AM on IVM Podcasts’ youtube.

5. No New Notifications by Kanan & Manek

No New Notifications is another podcast by a stand-up comedian from our country. The show is run by Kanan Gill and his friend Manek.

This show would be the right definition of absurdity.

As proclaimed as the greatest podcast in the world this is actually a witty and meta show run by both artists. They have an insane premise and takes on things that might not really make any sense to you.


But at the end of the day, it is the laugh that matters, right?

I promise you will be like, “Oh my God I didn’t think of that but never mind it is too funny.”

And, it will be etched in your memory for sure.

6. Naallanna Murukku

Did you miss RJ Balaji on the radio?

Were you looking for him to relentlessly go on talking about issues with his wit?

Then, you are in for a ride. He is back with his own podcast show on Spotify.

One of the first Spotify originals in Tamil, the show is a witty, simple, RJ Balaji-ish show.

He brings in some legends from the Tamil Industry and makes you walk down some of the golden days of Tamil cinema. Aimed at talking about all things positive and spreading laughs the show sets the tone right!

Balaji’s vision for the show was to counter the humongous amount of hate on social media these days.


To detox from your lives, this is the best show for you if you’re looking for one!

PS: You can also find an archive of his prank call bits from his radio days.

7. Biryani Man Talks!

The Biryani man is not exclusively for Biryani lovers as you think.

The show’s host just would like to go by the name, as he is obsessed with it. The show depicts the issues of millennial issues and talks about all issues he goes through. But, not everything’s fun, he also stumbles upon serious issues, but with the humor intact.

With occasional guests, anecdotes and wit, this is a fun podcast for your early morning drives or just to shoo away the Monday blues.

Vijay also has a youtube channel where he makes funny sketches and all things comedy. If you have not checked him already, you are absolutely missing out on a gem!

8. Bros with No Jobs – A Malayalam Podcast

A funny, Malayalam podcast by four youngsters is just like a group call with friends. A call where you discuss anything and everything. Pop culture, games, sports, and everything fun in between is what the show is about.

If you’re looking for some nonchalant fun, relatable stuff for Gen Z go and catch them on any audio platform.

However, they are done with their first season. The last episode of season 1 is on aired June 27th.

Hopefully, they will be returning with another season.

9. Random Musings

Random musings are the brainchild of Kumar Varun, actor, and stand-up comedian. This is a slow-paced wholesome show.

It is aimed at talking and delving deeper into things about food, life, games, videos, careers, and everything else.

Currently, the show has 10 episodes. You get to know the journey of some of the best content creators, writers, comedians in our country.

They talk about how their journey panned out and the life experiences they have had over the years. And, Varun exactly knows how to get his guests talking.

It is not an out-and-out comedy show but the show has all elements of fun and humor beautifully weaved into the stories.

A very wholesome show, walking down the journey of self-discoveries. Find it on all audio platforms. You can also watch the video version of the show on Random Chikibum.

10. Andar Ki Baat

Curated by Amit Tandon, one of the senior comedians in our country, the show is an interview-based podcast show.

The Spotify original show where Tandon talks about practical life issues with an expert from the field. Where we ask the relevant questions we would want to ask officials working on multiple fields.

With his own personal and funny stories he represents all of us. Talking about everything from air travel to the foreign education of their kids, the experts give you insights.

The show will give you laughs and also maybe some answers to a lot of your questions.

11. Wake Up with Sorabh

Wake up With Sorabh, is a YouTube show, which also has an audio version.

What is the agenda of the show?

I don’t think so there is any!

The show is purely a show based on interesting conversations with some fun people across the country.

With Sorabh’s unique interviewing skills and jokes, the show is a mix of endearing conversations and bizarre premises.

You can find him talking to Ramchandra Guha today and analyzing Hum Saath Saath Hain in depth the next day.

Catch this laughter ride with amazing personalities on his YouTube and Spotify.

The times are always grim. There is something or the other to worry about. But, take your time off from everyday life, and delve into some time of comedy for a while. And, I assure you will not be disappointed! Tell us below the ones you already knew about!


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