9 Indian Pop Songs That’ll Take Every 90’s Kid Back To Their Teenage Years

Remember the times when MTV and V were still music channels?

Well yeah, I’m talking about the times that every ’90s kid will relate to. The times when cartoons don’t only mean ‘Chota Bheem’ and music in no way means ruining old gems with adding rap in it (e.g., Masakali).

I’m talking about the late 90s and early 2000s that gave us gems like Lucky Ali, Sonu Nigam, Bombay Vikings, Agnee, Shaan, etc.

So today, we’re taking every 90’s kid back in time, to their favorite Indian Pop Songs. Here we go:



1. Maeri

This song always makes me say, “Haaye, wo bhi kya din the” ❤️

Even though this whole song is a trip to nostalgia bust as soon as the line, “Bindiya laga ke wo…” comes, it takes me all the way back to school days and gives me another level of satisfaction.

2. Aankhon Me

From ‘Aankhon me‘ in 1999 to ‘Bekhayali me‘ in 2019, Shahid has come a really long way. I mean, who would have thought that this chocolate boy will play a character like Kabir Singh one day?

3. Kya Soorat Hai

Neeraj Shridhar is known for his hit party songs. He and his fellow mates at Bombay Vikings, surely know how to make the other person sing the song with them.

I bet you can’t listen to their songs without syncing lips with it! 🕺

4. Dooba Dooba

This song reminds me of my school days, my crush, my… Well, it makes me feel like I’m in love. 🙈 Even though if I’m not!

But I remember coming home from school, aur jaise hi B4U lagaya, uspe ye gaana aa raha hota tha! Also, the nostalgia it brings is so overwhelming; it reminds me of the times I haven’t even probably lived 💔


5. Tanha Dil

Times have changed but each and every line of this song still makes me feel the same I felt when I first listened to it. It perfectly depicts the ’90s and well… Tanha Dil, Tanha Safar ❤️

A song that tells you that you are your own companion.

6. O Sanam

Don’t you miss those days when Lucky Ali’s songs made you feel good on your bad days?

Even today, no long drive is complete without his songs. And out of so many beautiful ones, it was really tough to choose one song for this post.

7. Shaam Tanha

Long before Arijit Singh, Band Agnee used to sing our breakup anthems. For those lonely nights, these songs were definitely on your playlist.

8. Tu Aashiqui Hai

The whole album is a masterpiece itself. But this song especially reminds us of those times when we used to send this to our crushes. I still think that KK hasn’t received the appreciation he should get.

What do you guys think?

9. Channa Ve

Remember this? Well, you were definitely living under a rock if this wasn’t your party jam. It is so hard to control your body movements when this song is played.
P.S. Kunal Ganjawala is so underrated.

I know, I know… These are just 9 songs and there’s a huge list out there of Indian Pop Songs that really are gems. So, do tell us in the comments below about the songs that I have missed here.

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Happy Listening 🎧


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