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5 Top Indian Traditions Every Nation Wants To Behold

India is a nation where integrity in diversity can be seen, and Indian people follow so many cultures, rituals, and customs. Indian cuisine is appreciated by people all around the world, and this country is famous for aromatic spices. There are lots of traditions in India which people follow, but here I want to describe top Indian traditions which other nations wish to behold.

Extended family

Extended Family in India - Tradition

Family plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. Joint families can be seen easily in India rather than in other nations. There are lots of benefits of the joint family like strong bonding among the family members and siblings, kids who grow in joint families learn more values and get unconditional love from uncles, aunts, and grandparents. Respect and care are the essential keys of a joint family, and people do have these things for being a good family member.

Feet touching

Feet Touching - An old Indian tradition

This is the valuable and celebrated tradition of Indian families, in this tradition younger ones touch feet of their elders and take blessings from them. This tradition makes bond strong and decreases the generation gap among parents and kids. Blessings play an essential role in our life because these feel our minds with positivity and provide us the strength to do good deeds.

Arrange marriage

Arrange Marriages in India

As we all are aware, there are two types of marriage i.e., arrange and love. We are living in the 21st century. However, the young generation of India still believes in arranged marriages, and parents and grandparents have the power to fix the wedding of their children with the people those they think better matches for them, and the fact is that arranged marriages are long-lasting than love marriages in India. Parents and children’s strong bond can be seen in Indian families, and children have given authority to their parents for making the most significant decision( Marriage ) of their life without any hesitation.


Worship of God

Worship God - Lord Ganesh

There are near about 2 million temples in India, and people have great belief in god. India is known as a country of festivals, and people celebrate each and every occasion with great zeal and enthusiasm, behind every celebration, there is a story of god. Before starting any work, business, or purchasing any new asset, people do prayers, offer flowers & sweets to the idols of lords. There should be a secure connection with God for boosting confidence, inner peace, and achieving goals in life.


Namaste/ Namaskar



This is the way of Hinduism to greet people by joining both hands. Namaste/Namaskar comes from the Sanskrit language, and it means “I bow to you” in English. This is a popular way to show respect to relatives and elders in India.  

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India is the biggest country where people show their love and respect toward others through great hospitality, traditions, and rituals. Other nations should observe some Indian traditions for making strong bonds in the family, gaining elder’s blessings, and connecting with the almighty. 


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