Laila Majnu: An Underrated Gem

Laila Majnu: An Underrated Gem

Zindagi bahot lambi hoti hai, par hamesha ke liye nahi hoti. Khatam bhi ho jaati hai.

LOVE! Is it true that when you are truly in love you see your lover everywhere? From the free birds in the air to the flowing water of the river, you are never lone fro a moment. You are so much into the person that you hardly see anything else. Is this love? Or madness? Maybe we are not used to this much love. And whatever that is beyond our understanding, is madness, right?

Laila Majnu - Movie

“Par pyaar ko problem hai na, ki jab tak us mein pagalpan na ho, woh pyaar hi nahi”

Before they were your Bulbbul and Satya (from Netflix movie Bulbbul), Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri showcased how skillful their art is, in Imtiaz Ali’s 2018 movie Laila Majnu.

Directed by Sajid Ali and co-written by Imtiaz Ali, ‘Laila Majnu’ is an adaptation of the famous folk tale that we have been hearing since our childhood. We have read and seen many versions of this immortal tale. But believe it or not, the story is inspiring for many.


Laila Majnu


The characters are layered and perfectly acted by the actors. Tripti Dimri’s portrayal of vivacious Laila is impeccable. The way she showed different emotions with her eyes is praiseworthy. But what stole the show was the character of Qais. In the first half, you see a lively guy who falls in love with Laila. But in the second half, we see his madness as Majnu. Not caring about anything except his lover.

Laila Majnu

The movie is set in the mesmerizing beauty of Kashmir. If you have ever been to Kashmir, you will agree to this point: Kashmir is like the song ‘Lag Ja Gale‘. It has so many emotions in one and will always leave you with a serene feeling. The movie shows the Kashmir that we used to read in books, not the one from the news. It shows the delightful colors of their culture, through music, wedding, clothes, and sceneries.

Laila Majnu


I don’t think I can ever stop admiring the music of this film by Niladri Kumar and Joi Barua. Be it the singers, lyrics, or music, everything falls right in the place. It feels that every song has a well-thought idea behind it. Out of all the amazing songs in the album, this song is the most cheerful one.

But it’s a bizarre feeling to realize that a song with such jubilant music is a celebration of death. Away from society’s norms, they are truly happy in their harmony.


“Hum laakh chupaye pyaar magar duniya ko pata chal jaayega… lekin chup chup ke milne se milne ka maza toh aayega”

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