A Letter to the 30-Year-Old Me

The time behind,
All the watches,
30th July, 2021

Dear 30-year old self,

Surprise!!! Aren’t you amazed to hear from me? Okay!! I know, you are an expert at hiding feelings. After all, we have exactly the same emotions, the same weaknesses, and the same strengths. I am sure, you must have achieved a lot of what you thought, but this is to remind you of something which is sadly long lost somewhere.

Take out some quality time, when you are done with the day’s work when the sun is about to go down when the birds are happily chirping around, when the lights are being switched on, and the stress is almost gone.

So, how long has it been that you haven’t felt the things around, other than that tick-tock of the clock? Take a deep breath, feel the air around you. It’s not too polluted, to stop feeling it. Take a look around. Found a mirror? Strip down your mask which you have on 24×7 for the world and look into the mirror. What do you see? Some stress lines? Few marks? Probably from some of those teenage pimples. Some peeping wrinkles? Whoopee, You are a mature enough adult now. But wait! I see something! Is it the monotony, tedium, and grievances of life? What happened to that inner child, the child who was jubilant, who spread happiness, whose innocence was untouched by the ways of society? Lost somewhere in the rat-race of being successful? Find that small little child, make faces to yourself, pull out your own cheeks, and there you are, a bright smile will carve its way through your face.


I know you must be having errands to run, but come, lock your doors and take a walk to the park nearby. Reached? Walk on the grass barefooted. Feel that tickling sensation, that soft touch on your feet. How does it feel? Relaxing, isn’t it? Watch those adorable children playing around, see their ignorant faces, the naive souls, who think that life is here, in the playground, the game they are playing, and nothing is wrong in it. We are all playing, the game of life. Some get the “chicken dinner”, and some are left with nothing. But, what matters is the happiness at the end of the day. What if you have an upset stomach after having the dinner?


Hey, wait? Did I ask you about the parents? How long has it been that you visited them? Ohh, yeah, I know you send gifts, expensive gifts on every occasion, but when did you meet them the last time? It’s been time, I think. You know, the best gift for them, is the happy-smiling face of yours. Plan a trip, visit them, give them their most-awaited gift. The gift which is more precious than any other of the worldly possessions, that million-dollar smile. Give them the opportunity to shower their love on you once again. Let your mother caress you while you are eating. Let your father bring you those “Garam Jalebis” when he returns from his morning walk. Enjoy the presence of love and care in their every gesture. They long for it.

Live life like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy every second, dear. What are you running behind in life that has stolen that big smile from your face? As far as I know, it is something which is intangible, for which you are working, working hard, earning money, spending money, working harder, earning more money, spending more money, and then…what? Where is this stopping? Where is the fun, the raw happiness, the satisfaction? Can you feel it anywhere in the fast-pacing life?

Being ambitious, rich and successful is good, but remember, ambitions, success, and richness are all mortal and worldly pleasures. Don’t you think it’s better to have a day off from the work schedule to experience the immortal things in this mortal life, to witness that smile on the beggar’s child when you give off your ice cream to them, to witness that giggle on a new born’s face when you play with them, to see that spark in the eyes of the oldies when you bring them their favorite cookie, and most importantly, to feel that level of gratification in your own heart?

With love,
Past you.


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