A Letter to my Dad

A Letter to my Dad

My dear Superhero,

Hope the numbers of your age have yet not overpowered you, and well how can they, after all, you were and will always remain superhero. Though not like those stereotypical superheroes, with a heavy muscular body, yet you have always protected me in every situation.

I have been told how I was just six months old and the love of your life, my mother, was admitted to the hospital with a fatal brain tumor, yet you gathered yourself up and became a father to me as well as my mother. How you very calmly handled all the tantrums that life threw on your way and pampered life, just with a smile and a little laugh all this while.

But you know dad, I have been seeing through your smiles and laughter since a while now, just to find out the fear that hides behind them, as if it says to you to “hold on..hold on man, you have a lot more to suffer, a lot more to fight”, though they also mention of the bright light at the cusp. But I must say, you are an underrated actor, who has pursued acting for 30+ years now, without getting a single award for it, with the best movie being “LIFE”.

I’ve been observing how my luxuries are often prioritized above your needs, how your 106 fever is relinquished because of my sneeze, the way you pretend that you are full so that I can have the last bite of our favorite dish, or the way you ignore the men’s section of the mall as if you have all those shirts and trousers, just so I can buy my favorite dress, I’ve been observing.


The smile I see when I gift you something is the smile I wish to see forever on your face. That curve brightens up your face like a glowing star with a halo around your head. Every time when I achieve a little success, I notice that 40-inch chest pumps up into 44 with happiness, with a drop or two of tears finding their way down the cheeks. That is the one and only time I love to see you cry.

I’m lucky to have been born to you as a daughter. Not because you brought me up lavishly, but because I’m always known as the daughter of the wonderful, loving and benevolent person, anyone who knows you knows the magnanimous personality you carry. I’m grateful to the universe to have set the stars in such a manner that this happened.

The way you keep your love is so flawless that I could never see the pain in mummy’s eyes. I hope and wish to keep you the same way as you kept her and me. I promise to the same universe and myself, as the days pass, no matter what would be the situation, you will always be the first and my only call. People dream of bigger things in life, I just dream to keep that smile in place in every aspect, and your hands on my head, and my head always bowed down in respect.

Your loving daughter



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Written by Pragya

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