A Letter To My Ex

Poem by Ayush Sharma

I wish that we hadn’t ever met,
I just hate you,
And I just cannot explain this hatred.
Everything you did was just for malice and everything was just unbearable,
I know that you don’t even care about anything connected to me,
And now I’m totally fine with it.
I just want that one day you’ll face everything that
I’ve had and I’m sure that you will.
So, I just hate you, and everything related to you.
I just want you to feel everything that I did because of you,
And after that when you’ll be squearling and there’ll be no-one for you,
Then I suppose one day you’ll feel that.
I know that you’re ensconced right now,
But one day when you’ll be treachered then you’ll understand my life,
And until then I hope you’ll live your crappy disappointing life,
And thank you for being so you in front of me,
And now I know that you’re the most deceiving person I’ve ever met, and I’ll ever meet.
But still, I hate you from the core of my heart and I just hate myself to still feel anything for you.
Thanks for not taking your treacherous efforts to the next level,
And now you just never show your face to me ever again.



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