Living With Haemophilia: Read This Book To Know Everything About It

World Haemophilia Day

April 17th, 2019 – World Haemophilia Day

As per Wikipedia, Haemophilia is a, for the most part, acquired hereditary turmoil that debilitates the body’s capacity to make blood clusters, a procedure expected to quit dying. This outcome in individuals draining longer after damage, simple wounding, and an expanded danger of seeping inside joints or the brain.

Simply saying, Hemophilia is a confusion in which blood doesn’t clump typically.

It is an uncommon condition (less than 1 million cases for each year in India) however it can’t be relieved. Treatment can help yet it is incurable. Its manifestations incorporate numerous huge or profound wounds, joint torment, and swelling, unexplained draining, and blood in pee or stool.

To mindful the general population all around about this unending issue, we have thought of recommending a book that you should peruse now to know everything about Hemophilia.


Living with Haemophilia
by Peter Jones

Living with Haemophilia - Book
Source: Amazon

Opening Lines: Haemophilia is a disorder of blood clotting.

Page Counts: 258 pages

Publisher: Springer

Publication Date: April 9th, 2012 (first published January 8th, 1974)

Living with hemophilia has built up itself as the total manual for hemophilia and related issues. Composed principally for influenced families, the book additionally gives a valuable and exceptional guide for specialists, paramedical staff, including medical caretakers and physiotherapists, and instructors.

It clarifies the legacy of hemophilia, draining scenes and how to control them, safe treatment including home treatment and prophylaxis, and the prospects for a hereditary fix.

Other inclusion incorporates


  • Sex and family arranging
  • Childhood with hemophilia
  • Education and business
  • Sports and travel
  • Previous symptoms of treatment including HIV and AIDS

Delicately and plainly composed at a fitting dimension for those with hemophilia, their families, and companions.

This book expects to scatter the legends and bring issues to light of the substances of hemophilia. It adopts a positive strategy for physical improvement and supports the quest for solid, dynamic, and productive living.

Diminish Jones demonstrates how, with the correct consideration, the individual with hemophilia can carry on with a functioning and typical life.

He tends to every one of the inquiries that those with hemophilia or those thinking about them have to know the responses to, with silliness and veritable concern.

He has worked with those influenced by it for more than 30 years and this book contains his abundance of experience.

Get it from Amazon India for ₹1,400 or Flipkart for ₹8,559

“Those who come into contact with hemophilia should peruse this book”

Journal of the Royal College of Physicians

The English spelling of ‘haemophilia’ has been used throughout the text except where specific reference to the American spelling of ‘hemophilia’, for instance in reference to the World Federation of Hemophilia, is more appropriate


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