Fostering Stray Dogs

Meet Shilvi – An Atheist Vegan & Foster Mom Of 5 Stray Puppies


🐶 Dogs are indeed the world’s cutest pets.

Now I know some would differ but have you ever looked at how a dog looks at you when they want food. More than that, when you come home from work, they welcome you, super excited just to see the face they every single day do.

Monotony is not a word in the DOGGO Dictionary!

But “Abba Nahi Manenge” is the ultimate reaction we get every time we talk about getting a dog.

That is why, we talked to Shilvi, one of our team members, who is an atheist Vegan and someone who believes in being a helping hand. 


Shilvi recently fostered five stray puppies.

So to dive into her story of how she managed to do so, we interviewed Shilvi on how she takes such an amount of time out of her life while most of us don’t have time even for ourselves.

Adopting Stray Dog

Shilvi says and we quote,

See, I know that everybody is not able to have a dog at home, it takes a lot of time. But here’s the deal! Who says you need to get a dog in order to have a dog be a part of your life.

With thousands of stray dogs on roads, you are able to help many at once, you just need the  heart for it.

No need to be harsh, but I am not being harsh! I believe everybody wants to help. We all do. But with such busy lives, we aren’t able to. In a world where people barely get the time to think about themself, there is only enough space to think about others, as in a Dharavi’s hut.”

But if you still got time, there are many NGOs that are waiting for people to volunteer and help them in a collective effort towards animal welfare. In easy words, to help animals because they are not able to help themselves.


She believes in an optimistic hopeful world and most people want to help, they just don’t know how to. 

So, there’s a concept. If you can’t take time out of your life to make the effort but still want to help, DONATE! 

There is a sea of links to donate to, so many people are trying to make this world a better place. 

Shilvi herself started her journey of saving animals via some cute little stray puppies that a female dog near her house birthed. She fostered the stray puppies for some time, raised funds, and with the help of her friends she was able to get the dogs vaccinated and adopted. 

Shivi - Goster Mom of 5 Stray Dogs

I took five dogs to treat them, feed them, the way they deserved to. Even when I knew nothing about it, I managed to do so because I got help from people all around me. A friend took leaves from her work to go to the vet with me. Two of my acquaintances gave me the contact numbers of veterinary doctors. I, myself, researched, raised funds, took care of the puppies, and from doctors to Auto Valas, all offered to give me discounts.

That is to say, everybody wants to help, they just don’t know how to. That is why DONATE! 

Feeling useless?




There are so many issues with the world that we talk about with colleagues on chai breaks. The same issues have people who are trying to make efforts, supporting them, uplifting them, sharing even a small finger of your hand to raise and hold high the weightage, WE CAN HELP.



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