7 Things People Say & Do That Sets Unhealthy Boundaries In A Relationship

1. "I love you no matter what" Really? Thing again. Even when you're disrespected? Abused? Cheated on? That sole line is a one-way ticket to being taken...

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6 Ways To Make Excercise Enjoyable

Achieving your fitness goals may seem to some an impossible dream. If you are not motivated or knowledgeable, then you probably are not going...

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Poll: Date Me Or Date Me Not ft. Tinder Edition

Would you date me IF...

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If Characters Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Had A Tinder Profile, This Is How It Would Have Looked Like

Robin, 28 Journalist 🎥 | 🍺🔫 Swipe right. Or don't. I literally don't care, eh. But you should because I'm one hell of a woman if...

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POLL: How Many Of These Topics Do You Believe Should Be Taught As Part Of Sex Education?

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8 Mouth-Watering Veg Dishes That I Bet You Didn’t Know Were BENGALI

1. Khichuri or Khichdi Image Source: Chilli and Mint We all know, what khichdi is, don't we? But do we know that it is actually a Bengali...

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13 Not-So-Alarming Things That Everyone Does But No One Talks About

1. After party throw up! 🤮 2. Farting (Especially, girls) 👧 3. Accepting their negative aspects in a relationship 💍 4. Masturbation, duh! Everyone does it, yaar....

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11 Signs That You Have A Huge Crush On Your Teacher

1. You try to improve your knowledge of their subject even if you don't like studying it; only to be on their favorite students'...

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8 Things No One Should Ever Point Out About Others

1. About their body structure or type (fat, skinny, short, tall, etc.) Because not everyone is positive towards their body. 2. If their clothes or...

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7 Things A Guy Should Do On The First Date To Make A Girl Fall For Him Even More

Are you a guy searching for what to and what NOT to do on your first date with this girl you like and keep...

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4 Major Reasons Why This Generation Wants An iPhone

1. Camera because of which photos me insaan lage aur videos smooth record hojaye, bas 2. For cool/attractive Instagram stories, bas ek major reason yahi...

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9 Charles Bukowski Quotes That’ll Make You Think Deeply About Life

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