POLL: Which Date Location Would You Prefer? ft. Bollywood

You can also tell us in the comments below, why.

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5 Insane (But True) Things About Samosa

Imagine it's 4 pm on a cold evening in Delhi. You're reading a really engrossing book, wrapped around a warm blanket, and suddenly, you...

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9 Superstitions Which We Should Have Left In 20th Century

1. Not to cut nails at night In old times, there was no provision of electricity, therefore, one could cut their finger while cutting nails...

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Why Rape Happens?

https://youtu.be/RO6Qg8Ixrd4 Rape happens when you leer her on the street'accidentally' touch herremain silent when she asks you to believe herlook away when she's in an uncomfortable...

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7 Satisfying Dresses To Be Ever Worn By A Bollywood Celebrity

Here's a list of some dresses worn by a Bollywood celebrity that I found so damn satisfying! Tara Sutaria Source: @tarasutaria Kriti Sanon Source: @kritisanon Katrina Kaif Source: @katrinakaif Aditi Rao...

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Take This Hotstar Hundred Quiz If You Think You Have REALLY Watched It

Released on 25 April 2020 on Hotstar, ‘Hundred’ is an action-comedy series featuring Lara Dutta as a cop and Rinku Rajguru a simple next...

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Tales of Her by Natasha Badsha

This is Natasha's first book, really!!! I don’t believe this… For me, Natasha Badsha is actually "Badsha" of her words. Every single story of...

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