7 Worthless Career Advice Every Indian Student Gets At Least Once In Their Lives

Anxious about your future? Having carrier-related dilemmas? Befuddled about what to do and what not to? Need some expert advice? Ranging from the “Park Wali...

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A Letter to the 30-Year-Old Me

The time behind,All the watches,30th July, 2021 Dear 30-year old self, Surprise!!! Aren’t you amazed to hear from me? Okay!! I know, you are an expert...

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4 Crucial Parenting Issues That Every Parent Has To Deal With (And Tips On How To Deal With It!)

What does this recipe results in? “A hundred ‘What-Ifs?’ combined with some crazy fantasies and a lot of awkward questions.” And I know that you...

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9 Things One Should Never Say Or Do On Their First Date

One night stands or to stand the whole life, there are a few turn off(s) and turn on(s) which work magically. Already thinking of...

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The Wrongs Of Today’s Feminism

It's wrong to demand equality when the number of sexual harassment cases of all degrees faced by women is critically higher than men in...

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8 Things You’ll Find In Every Indian Household

1. Ganda Kapda for cleaning gandagi!!!!! Koi logic hai iss baat ka? Magar sabko bahott lagta hai 2. A pocha made of old cloth Meri purani t-shirt...

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8 Reasons Why You Should Put Varanasi On Your Bucket-List Right Now

"Mera Ishq hai banaras jaisaVo kadak adrak chai jaisaUs paan ki madmast laali jaisaVo chamakti zari saree jaisaChatpati chaat kachori jaisaMera Ishq hai banaras...

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The Shoes In The Last Corner Of The Last Drawer Of The Last Room

The shoes in the last corner of the last drawer of the last room,Have felt lonely in the latest times with the only mate...

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A Letter to my Dad

My dear Superhero, Hope the numbers of your age have yet not overpowered you, and well how can they, after all, you were and will...

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Blue or Pink?

Blue or Pink? Hey, choose one! Koi ek choose karo na... And in this way an innocent would-be mother started the life long discrimination. I never knew...

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We don’t need a safe society, we need a changed mindset!

Safety The meaning of the word safety is on a constant ride to attain stability in our day-to-day life. It should feel very privileged, as...

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She was a warrior, with an army of four…

She was a warrior, with an army of fourPassion, compassion, patience and valourEnemies envied the personality she hadCorrect posture, and a smile to admireThey...

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