A Letter To Rosa, As Curtains Draw on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

'You can't let other people's opinion get in the way of what you want, especially because other people suck.' Rosa Diaz, Brooklyn Nine-Nine To Dear...

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Dr. Tanu Jain: A Multitalented IAS Officer

India is a land of competition. We have to give rigorous entrance tests to get through any college and become what we wish to...

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9 Mega Projects In India Underway In 2021

Look outside your window. Can you find some construction happening in your neighborhood? While you were coming back home, you would have witnessed a...

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11 Indian Comedy Podcasts You Should Absolutely Check Out!

2021 is the era of podcasts. All of us know a friend who has a podcast of their own or has a ‘crazy’ idea...

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5 Must Read Books By Journalist Vir Sanghvi That Tells Us About Post Independence & Why India Is, The Way It Is!

Have you ever sit back and thought about the years after independence? While we stand today and look back, there is so much history...

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Mockumentaries: Slice Of Reality On Screen

“It is through that discomfort that we, as both audience and subject, reflect on our norms, values, ideologies, and ways of being.”Miller, Too Bold...

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11 Inspiring Female IAS Officers In India Everyone Should Know

‘The whole world is a stage, and all the men and women merely actors’, Shakespeare said. But, when we sit to unpack the line there...

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Persia White – More Than Joseph Morgan’s Wife

Have you fallen in love with Abby Bennett from 'The Vampire Diaries' every time she came on screen? Have you drooled over the power...

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This Is Why Judge Breaks Nib Of Their Pen After Passing A Death Sentence

Do you remember the 90s Bollywood, where after a long emotional monologue on morality, the scene would zoom into the judge emotionally signing their...

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