Morning Walks and the album of Udaan

Morning Walks and the album of Udaan

Amidst this lockdown, everyone is dying to step out of their room. Be it a morning walk, jogging, cycling, or any other physical activity which we used to refrain from doing before the lockdown, now seems way attractive.

I too am a noob when it comes to running but for the last 2 weeks, I’m going running every morning.

Also, now when the rainy season is above our heads, it only leaves you with 2 options:

  • Don’t go out. Just watch the rain from your window while you’re snuggled inside a warm blanket with a cup of chai or coffee and an engrossing book.
  • Do go out for the walk in the rain.

I have been choosing the latter one since these last 2 weeks and now, I think I’ve caught a cold.

Anyways, it’s this morning when I was looking at the rain out of my window with my earphones on, and this thought strike my mind that I generally run or walk with music on. So, what songs do I like to listen to the most while running?


I thought and thought and thought and the album of ‘Udaan’ turned out to be the winner.

Each and every song of this movie sets you up for different moods and vibes.

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Geet Mein Dhalte Lafzon Mein

Dhool Jami Thi Aankhon Mein
Khwab Khiley Ab Lakhon Mein
Naya Kuch Naya To Zaroor Hai
Dard Ki Baatien Kal Ki Hain
Aaj Mein Khushiyan jhalki Hain
Naya Kuch Naya To Zaroor Hai
Jebon Mein Hum Raatein Liye Ghuma Kare
Fursat Ke Yeh Mauke Sabhi Jhuma Kare

This song is for every soul out there who is feeling full of life or for someone who wants to feel full of life.

Imagine it’s raining heavily and you’re all alone on the road with this song on.

Imagine how would you feel while running or walking with these lyrics on your earphones:

Haan Yeh Umango Se Poora Hua Seena Hai
Lamha Yeh Maanga Nahi,
Isse Humne Cheena Hai Cheena Hai
Yunhi Jeena Hai

Udaan – Nadi Mein Talab Hai

Nadi Mein Talab Hai Kahin Jo Agar
Samandar Kahaan Dur Hai
Damakati Garaj Hai Sone Mein Agar
Toh Jalana Bhi Manzur Hai


This is for every soul out there who’s craving to find their reason on this earth. For everyone, who’s looking for the meaning of life. Because when these lines get into your ear, you feel an agressive soothing feel, like you just shouted your heart out:

Ik Udaan Kab Talak Yu Kaid Rahegi
Roko Na Chhod Do Ise
Ik Udaan Hi Sapano Ko Jindagi Degi
Sapano Se Jod Do Ise


Chadhti lehren laangh na paayen
Kyun haanpti si naav hai teri naav hai teri
Tinka tinka jod ke saanse
Kyun haanpti si naav hai teri naav hai teri
Ulti behti dhaar hai bairi dhaar hai bairi
Ulti behti dhaar hai bairi dhaar hai bairi
Ke ab kuch kar ja re panthee

For every soul out there who’s trying to run away from the situation. Who have been holding their feelings since very long and who just shut their eyes to the harsh reality.

This song makes you realize that sooner or later you got to take a deep breath and take the problems head on and at that moment, you realize that either the problem is very small or you’re much stronger than you thought you were or just both.

Rakh dega jhakjhor ke tujhe
Tufano ka ghor hai dera ghor hai dera
Bhanwar se dar jo haar maan le
Kaheka phir jor hai tera jor hai tera

Aazaadiyan (Pairon Ki Bediyan)

Subah ki kirno ko roke jo salaakhein hai kahan
Jo khayalon pe pehre daale
Woh aankhein hai kahan
Par khulne ki deri hai
Parinde udh ke jhoomenge
Aasman aasman aasman

For every soul out there who are extremely talented and full of charged with emotions. Who wanted to break all the barriers and prove something to the world.

To anyone listening this song or reading this line; you matter and your dreams matter too.

Kahani khatam hai
Ya shuruwaat hone ke hai
Subha nayi hai yeh
Ya phir raat hone ko hai
Aane wala waqt dega panha hai
Ya phir se milenge do raahein
Khabar kya, kya pataa

This was me. This was what I love to listen to while running or for the morning walks. And this is what each song makes me feel.

Tell me in the comments below about the songs you love listening to with your morning walks.

Happy listening 🙂


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