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Naveen Kukreja & His Whimsical Tweets – Shortest Biography Ever!

“Criticism is never a problem,

But criticism with hate is.”

Oh yes, you are right this is Naveen Kukreja’s quote.

It’s July Evening and you had a horrible day at work, you come back home and lay on the sofa.

You pull out your phone and start scrolling, and then you see a post that suddenly makes you feel some feels like maybe burst into laughter or make you sob.


Not everyone has this knack to empower the feelings with their content like Naveen Kukreja. His posts are wacky with a fine addition of sarcasm in them and the way he makes those tweets witty, deep, and funny, effortlessly.

Today, I’ll mention some of his best tweets (or you can say the most relatable tweets) which, on reading, will chuckle your bones, make your eyes cry out, your heart shatter, and feel everything that one can feel.

But before that those of you who don’t know who Naveen Kukreja is, here’s a short intro about him.

Naveen Kukreja with a signboard

Who is Naveen Kukreja?

Naveen Kukreja is an Indian influencer (a real one) who is known among his fans for his sarcastic, hilarious and deeply insightful tweets. He is also the perfect example of simple living high thinking. 

Trivia: While writing this short biography I got confused with Naveen Kukreja, CEO of Paisabazzar, and Naveen Kukreja, the one we’re talking about. Duh!

Coming back to Naveen Kukreja. The one we are here to talk about is an Indian influencer who is famous for his whimsical tweets.

These tweets are not some inspirational dialogues or anything but they are something taken from daily life chores and something to which every one of us can relate with.

The talent of subtly and smoothly adding both sarcasm and humor is his specialty.

Naveen Kukreja is famous for his tweets on subjects like love, life, money, or anything related to one’s daily life.

Currently, he has 371K followers on Instagram and has around 2,470 posts. And his posts are usually tweets and memes.

Best Tweets of Naveen Kukreja

Herein, I will be manifesting some of his best tweets ever, and as I said earlier, we will be going through some of his tweets.

"'Seh lenge thoda' kar kar ke kitna aage nikal gaye ho, pata hai?" - Tweet by Naveen Kukreja
We all have that one friend who can write a book on "101 excuses to cancel your Goa plan". - Tweet by Naveen Kukreja

Yaar, to be honest, while I was going through Naveen Kukreja’s Twitter account I couldn’t stop vacillating between contemplating, laughing, crying, and all the other feelings that exist out there.

Everyone has a sense of humor but having such humor that can make anyone feel the feels, is something beyond explanation.

There were so many tweets I could relate myself with all the tweets especially when he tweeted “Har Baar public holiday ka Sunday pe aana is NOT FUNNY.

I guess, not just me but everyone felt it.

Naveen Kukreja’s tweets about life are something everyone can relate to indeed.

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Naveen Kukreja – The Poet

Also, did I mention earlier that Naveen writes poetry as well? If not, let me share with you my favorite poem by Naveen Kukreja:

Taya – The Poem

Guroor ya Khamoshi;
Kuch Toh todhna Hoga.
Aalas ya manzil;
Kuch toh Khona hoga
Afsos ya Khwab;
Kuch toh pirona hoga
Rona ya shukr;
Kuch toh chodna hoga.

This is a very simple poem but if you deep dive into its meaning it will change your whole thought process.

This was the poem that led me to his account in the first place and then, I got to know about him and it genuinely gave me a whole new point of thinking.

Naveen Kukreja Tweets
Naveen Kukreja | Source: Instagram


The idea of giving hope in a very smooth and subtle manner is something very unique and Naveen Kukreja very elegantly does this.

There have been so many situations where I felt like Naveen Kukreja wrote exactly what I felt. It’s like he translated my emotions into words.


When he said and I quote “What we have is lost in search of what we want more” read it twice you will get to know how deep the meaning is.

It’s not something that I copy-pasted from some motivational site, it’s just a line from Naveen Kukreja’s Instagram.

He is a gem that the world still needs to discover. 

While we were searching for some motivation on google, Naveen Kukreja effortlessly made those daily life scenarios into inspiration for us in the form of memes and tweets and this is something that makes him unique.

And not just the motivation but the fine art of adding sarcasm and humor in it.

Here’s to one of the must-follow people on Instagram, Naveen Kukreja 🥂

Tell me which Naveen Kukreja’s tweet you liked the most and what you like the most about him in the comment section.


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