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9 Things One Should Never Say Or Do On Their First Date

One night stands or to stand the whole life, there are a few turn off(s) and turn on(s) which work magically. Already thinking of the blunders you made on your first date? Fair enough! You should remember because those don’t go well on the first, second, or even the 100th date as well. Can’t help 😂

So here’s a list of a few things which should never come out of your otherwise blabbering mouth on your first date.

1) “Who clicks your pictures? You have a good photographer though!”

Until and unless the person is into modeling or an influencer, DO NOT, just don’t ask it, it’s just like saying, you are not as handsome/beautiful as in pictures. And that doesn’t count as a compliment I guess…

2) “My ex was the worst person…”

They might be or they might be not, whatever the case may be, your date must not know this on the first meet. It is the beginning of a probable new chapter of your life, let it be afresh.


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3) “Ohh hey wait, do you wear lenses in just one eye? Cz one is blue and the other is brown.”

People it happens, the lens sometimes, just sometimes, goes off the place and especially if someone is a newbie to it. Just imagine the efforts one put to get ready for you and later you point out that one defect that was too awkward to handle.

4) “Dev???Arun???Ohh no sorry, Amit?”

Even if you’re bad at remembering names, do learn the name of the person you’re going on a date with, because this will be really very disrespectful.

5) So your ex has a really nice profile on Instagram?

Neither you need to know it nor your date wants to discuss it. You don’t need to showcase your amazing stocking skills in the first go.


6) “Sorry, but I cannot focus, there’s something stuck in your teeth! “

Something getting stuck between the teeth, or people having a runny nose is very natural, there’s a proper way to say everything. Don’t come across as a person having OCD.

7) “So, how about going over to my place?”

Okay, this is not at all wrong but if the person is reading between the lines, this might seem like an invitation for some good time and sexual pleasures, so frame it in a better way, if you can and if you want 😉!

8) “You’re looking like a princess, oh my god such captivating beauty…”


9) “How plump that girl right there is, what do you say?”

FOCUS ON THE TWO OF YOU. And also in general, this comes as a bad trait, bitching about people and being judgemental, especially if you are on a date, talk more about yourself, and listen about your partner.

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If you don’t want to return glum-faced from your first date, and feel the rushes, butterflies in the stomach, and the violins in the background, you need to make the right moves and make your partner comfortable.

In your hands, your date! All the best 😉

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