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9 Things To Note For The Next Time When You Vote

1. Reject the ones using Religion. You live in a 21st-century modern secular democracy, not in Iran or Vatican.

2. Reject the sexual harassers and predators. They are meant to be in jails, not in positions of power.

3. Reject the ones who failed to deliver on their promises. Election promises like all promises are meant to be kept.

4. the ones who divide you. The “unity in diversity” of this nation deserves to be celebrated, not destroyed.

5. Reject the ones who think your indispensable Civil Rights are dispensable. Stand by your constitution.

6. Endorse the ones who stand for Science and Progress. Vote for hospitals and schools over religious institutions.

7. Endorse the ones willing to shred their privilege. The ones who were oppressed for centuries.

8. Endorse the women in politics. They have been kept away from politics for a long time, it’s their time to lead.

9. Endorse the ones who don’t threaten the minorities. Vote for the ones who reach out to the vulnerable.

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