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Pehchaan – Grow Yourself Up From The Limits Of Assumptions & Perceptions

Pehchaan – Grow Yourself

What is an assumption?

The big fat clause, “lagta hai“!

Mujhe lagta hai, unhe lagta hai…use lagta hai…actually…iss duniya mein bahot logo ko bahot kuch lagta hain!

Trump ko lagta hai vo bhagwan hai, hume lagta hain hum hain!

And interestingly the “lagta hai” clause is just relative!


For example, if I were some alien and was taught that the color which covers the sky when the sun sets is called green, I would have called it green, and maybe who knows there would have been a fruit named green. But tumhe vo galat lagta, because you on earth call it orange. And you would have labeled me as a crazy person!

Now if you are getting my point then I hope you must have understood that assumption is just because of how we perceive things. I perceive a color as green and the same you perceive as orange. These perceptions are something that has been prevalent in society since innumerable days.

And would you like to know what this assumption and perception give rise to?

It’s so common that people have stopped paying heed to it. The dangerous word of depression and anxiety!

I said dangerous because if we go by the facts, according to a report of Economic Times from 2017, it was estimated that one in every seven Indians suffers from a mental disorder with the number of depression and anxiety cases around 46 million and 45 million each respectively.

What more frightening is that you can never know if a person is going through depression because the person himself wouldn’t!

You may come across someone who is so happy whose smile is so contagious that you are drawn towards them, but if you look into their lives (only if they allow you to do so), you’ll come to know how broken they are. And there is no specific reason to plunge into the deadly sea of depression.

If a person is into depression, even the way you say goodbye may hurt them, so it’s not that always the other person is at fault, but sometimes it’s the mind that controls us.

In the little experience whatever I gained during my journey of writing and art and meeting people, I came across many people who have been so cheerful to me but have been deep into a state of depression even with a big smile stuck to their faces and a very nominal part of them have rarely come up to discuss their life issues.

Now, if you ask me how this perception and assumption leads to depression and anxiety, here’s is something which has been trending for a long time now, put into my own words.


Apni khushiyo ko in instagram posts ke likes se mat aanko, ek chota sa jahaan hai, khushiyo ko khushiyo se hi naapo, kisi ki London wali photos se itna kyu pareshan hote ho, janaab unki zindagiyo me itna bhi mat jhaanko.

I guess you might be clear by now, that our perception of other’s happiness is limited to the pictures they post or whatever they have to tell us. But mind you people, we only get to know the side which we are shown.

There are two dangerous kinds of people existing around us, one who pretend to be happy all the time but sadly are deeply broken, and the other who are cry babies.

They burden you with their own life problems, which may not be enormous in itself, but they make it seem so. They act as parasites.

The former ones make us feel complexity issues regarding how happy they seem, and the latter ones leave you disturbed. In either way, if the effects are prolonged and continuous what they may lead to is a part of anxiety and depression, and just for a shocking realization, this is just one example.

This is applicable to every single thing. Every single moment of our life! The competition, job, studies, marriage, number of likes, the closet you have, the food you eat, the vehicle you ride, and every single thing.

You assume the other has better and the other thinks the same. But remember the grass is not always greener on the other side!

There might be a person who eats in 5-star restaurants but only because he has no one at home to cook for him. You see, the difference!

What you can do to grow yourself up above the limits of perception and assumption is ACCEPT!

Accept the person you are, the flaws, the beauty, the boundaries you have, and everything about yourself. Trust me, the acceptance comes with a lot of pain but the pleasure thereafter is something worth it!

It is not easy and not a one day deal. It’s something that demands perseverance and courage. But you, yes dear you are courageous enough to take a step that’s better for you. You are stronger than the world thinks of you, so my dear friend is ready for this big challenge for the amelioration of your life. You can be and are the only change that you need.

So be the change. And remember here is a person sitting to clap at every baby step you take, to support your small successes in the pursuit of living a happy take that baby step now!

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