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Persia White – More Than Joseph Morgan’s Wife

Have you fallen in love with Abby Bennett from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ every time she came on screen? Have you drooled over the power of the character? Do you know more about the actor who breathed life into Abby? And, then how many of you did go and stalk her on Instagram? Yes, we are talking about Persia White, aka. Abby Bennett aka. Joseph Morgan wife, Persia White, aka. Abby Bennett!

Let’s get some scoops into the life of the powerhouse performer. And, what is beyond the title of being Joseph Morgan’s wife!

The Human Soul Beyond Screens

If you ever thought, Persia White is just an actress, you are in for a surprise.

White has more than one feather in her cap.


Persia White
Persia White

She is an actress, producer, animal rights activist, and a successful musician. White has founded a production company, called Echoed Images. The primary aim of the production is to create media that is challenging and authentic.

The producer of award-winning documentaries is also a member of PETA.

She is also one of the board members of Humane Society in the USA and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Persia has been vocal about animal rights for a long time now and is a vegan. The environmentalist was awarded the Humanitarian of The Year Award in 2005 by PETA.

White has been very vocal about animal rights. She has taken the right steps towards making the change.

She along with actor Joaquin Phoenix produced, Earthlings, a documentary on climate awareness. The documentary received a lot of accolades, and she considers that her favorite work. In an interview, she also goes on to talk about how she meets different leaders on such issues.

She mentions how she works with people to bring real change on animal rights on the ground.

Ruling The Screens

The actress has had a long career trajectory.

Starting with her debut film ‘Last Action Hero’ (an uncredited appearance) in 1993. She is popular for her role as ‘Lynn’ in CW’s famous TV show ‘Girlfriends’.

Her two most popular roles so far have been in ‘Girlfriends’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’. She also remarks on Lynn as her favorite role and it was destined to happen.

White has had a long and fruitful career in the business of films with the recent one, ‘The Vampire Diaries’. She played the mother of Bonnie in the series.

She started her career in the early 90s and has been doing some amazing work on the screens.

Her filmography includes some strong and powerful work. Have a glimpse of them below!

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (1997-2002)

Persia White in Beyond belief: Fact or Fiction
Persia White in Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction

Beyond Belief is an American anthology series that dealt with a series of events that might be true or false. Later it will be revealed to the viewers that the events were fiction or not. Show ad from 1997 to 2002 on fox network and was created by Lynn Lehmann.


Cargo is a drama thriller inspired by true events.

The story follows the protagonist’s struggle with managing money for his son’s school. Due to which he takes up illegal means. The film received two nominations in film festivals for the writing and creation by Kareem Mortimer. Persia plays the role of Berneice in the film.

Dysfunctional Friends (2012)

Cast of Dysfunctional Friends - Persia White is sitting 3rd from right
Persia White (3rd from Right side)

Persia plays the role of Trenyce in dysfunctional friends.

Dysfunction friends, a story of 9 friends. They are united after one of their friends passes away. The friends have been made to meet each other on a weekend and the story follows on how the meeting pans out.

This 2012 film is directed by Corey Grant.

Black November (2012)

Black November is a Nigerian American action film that has an ensemble cast with Persia White directed by Jeta Amata.

The story talks about the Niger Delta community’s struggle against a government and an MNC to save the environment. The film had a significant impact.

It was also screened in the United Nations General Assembly.


You Can’t Fight Christmas (2017)

This is a fun romance meets comedy film. Where a businessman, Edmund, does not like the tradition and idea of Christmas. However, his idea is changed when a decorator helps him come back to the idea and fall in love with it all over again. The cast along with Persia include Brely Evans, Andra Fuller, and more.

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Persia White: Actor cum Singer
Persia White

Tuning Music

Persia never wanted to become an actress from the start.

Her aim was to become a singer, something that took her from Miami to Los Angeles.

But had to turn down many music deals and contracts because of the creative restrictions in them. But her inclinations towards music could not stop her at all.

White debut into music was with her first album Mecca in 2009. The album is named after her daughter.

The album is 37 minutes long with 11 songs in its entirety. The album stands on her unique style and brings about her personality with the lyrics.

Not to miss, the efforts put by her are clearly visible.

White also sang Choices for the season 6 finale of Girlfriends.

Glimpse into Her Personal Life

Persia was born in Miami, South Florida.

Her mother was a humble woman, whose traits White has picked up over years. Her mother worked as a schoolteacher and writer, and also a civil-rights activist.

Later, they moved to the Bahamas for work but came back to Miami when she was a young child.

White was interested in the creative field as a young child as well. She was a trained ballet dancer and got into acting as soon as they went back to Miami. She navigated her way through theater before completely getting into musical theater and juggled different forms of art, including painting. Also, she’s very passionate about painting though.

Persia married Saul Williams, in 2008 and both of them have worked together on projects. They both met while shooting for Girlfriends.

They separated in 2009 when Persia White announced it on her blog.

Joseph Morgan with her wife, Persia White


Reel to Real Life Love Story

Persia White said her I do’s with Joseph Morgan after they met on the sets of ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

Their relationship branched into several colors after their first meet.

The couple got married in 2014, after 2 months of announcing that they were engaged. The couple has an online store, called the ‘Morgan White Store’. You can buy their merchandise there!

The couple has always maintained that both of them have stood as a support to each other. Through all the circumstances. Morgan also remarked that White has contributed to his show: The Originals.

It is a spin-off to The Vampire Diaries.


Although she did not act in it. He said,

''She comes to set frequently and is there. I’ll get home after an exhausting 16-hour day, and there’s some food and a beer in the fridge. She’s incredibly, incredibly supportive.’’

Persia White is a woman, someone who has craved her niche for herself over the years. Although she is popularly known as Joseph Morgan’s wife, it is imperative that we note her craft, art, and brilliance in whatever she does.

Did you know: Joseph Morgan’s wife has been ruling the screens for more than two decades?

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