The Practice Of Gratitude: Feel Fresh, Happy & Resilient
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The Practice Of Gratitude: Feel Fresh, Happy & Resilient

The more grateful you are, the more beauty you will see.

Nowadays, we all seem to be getting more anxious, depressing, experiencing low self-esteem in our lives. As if everything is going to fall apart and there is no hope for the future and many other horrifying negative thoughts come across our mind. 

You begin to feel nervous and sorry for yourself and think, “Why does this stuff always happen to ME?

Here’s what you need guys! 

“Practicing Gratitude”

So basically what do you mean by Gratitude and how it can be a secret key to your happiness? Let’s discuss and get to know more about it!


Gratitude is a quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation in every situation and to return kindness. 

What being thankful means to me is to see everything as a gift from God. I see my very life as a gift from God and I am so thankful about every ups and downs of my life.

Showing gratitude is an ability to “Let Go” of all the ideas of self- importance and instead, acknowledge everything in your life that has made it better.

Honestly, my life wouldn’t be the same without the people that have shaped and molded my character. I think it’s important to be humble and remember all of the people that helped you to get where you are, whether it’s your parents, family and friends.

A beautiful quote by Melody Beattie states that,

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

When I think about my past journey, my parents immediately come to my mind. The role they have played in my life is all about selfless sacrifices and unconditional love.

Parents loved, supported and cared for us when we were helpless infants.

In fact, they do care, love, and give guidance to us even today so that we can accomplish the best in our life. And to gain happiness and respect in your life, one should stand by their parents in their hour of need just as they did when we were unable to take care of ourselves. Express your love and gratitude to them in any way possible. 

Now, if I talk about the current scenario, I feel like showing gratitude about your surroundings will make your journey better and productive.

You all can see the current situation. People are dying because of a virus. And what’s worse is poor people don’t even have enough money to fulfill their basic necessities. 


So my dear friends, today I urge you all to stop criticizing your life and rather feel and be thankful about your surroundings.

Look around you, your family, your friends, your beautiful house which gives you shelter, your mother making food for you all in the kitchen, your wonderful mind which has a tendency to create laurels in your life.

Just feel happy about these small little things.

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Seriously some people just crave for these little things you have. Value it guys, they are precious!

Hold on with your thoughts. Hang in there, we are all together and we will overcome this situation.

It’s, You know very beautiful that gratitude allows a person to:

  • Celebrate the present 

  • Block toxic emotions 

  • Strengthen social ties and self- worth 

So, I will sum up this article by telling you a quick Practice of Gratitude which I want all of you to do. 

When you first wake up in the morning and you are just about to move out of your bed, sit for a while. Now, close your eyes and Thank God for the new day, new hopes, and new ideas. You are alive, active, and healthy. Feel it and be thankful for your life every day.

And trust me, dear readers, this practice will make you feel fresher, happier, and resilient and can literally add years to your wonderful LIFE!


They say that there is no room for sadness in a heart full of gratitude.

So much to be grateful for despite these challenging times we find ourselves in. Just relax and have faith in yourself.

Remember: The more grateful you are, the more beauty you will see.

Thank you! 

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