Radhika, co-founder of Handflys
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An Interview with Radhika, the co-founder of Handflys

Tell us a bit about you and Handflys first.

Radhika: So, Handflys is a partnership firm. I am a teacher by profession and my partner is a digital marketer.

I started ‘Handflys’ on 8th April 2017 (almost 3 years ago) with 0% investment and 0% hopes but as they say, “Hard work always payback”, it finally did. ❤️

Getting a gift for someone you love and watching their faces light up with joy is one of the best feelings in the world. The one who gets the gift is often more excited to see the reaction than the one opening it. And you’ll probably agree that a bunch of flowers or a gluten-free cake on such an occasion is just not enough. This is where Handflys comes in.

We have gathered an extraordinary team of happiness scientists who work every day with a simple idea – to make gifting fun again.


And how do we do that?

We don’t source boring stuff toys and decorative items from whole-sellers. Instead, we create every gift idea – be it a NAME ALBUM, CARICATURE FRAME your loved one so that it ends up being as unique as your loved one.

What’s the story behind “Handflys”?

Radhika: Handflys was started in 2017 with 0 hopes. It’s story of friendship which turn out as business partners. So me and my best friend started this page after our last 12th exam. We started just for fun and timepass. Never thought that we will become full time crafter. We both always like to gift handmade craft to our family and friends.

In starting we upload all those stuff we had at home which we had already made. We receive our first order after 6 months and its cost was 500. That day we get to know that we can do it and it was a boost for us.


How many members do you have in your team and what role does one play?

Radhika: So we have total 10 members in our team

  • Partnership firm : Handflys is partnership firm .
  • Packaging team : Handle the packaging of frame and other craft gifts .
  • Framing team : Handle the work related Making of frame.
  • Delivery team : Handle the delivery of the product worldwide.
  • Cash on delivery team : Handle all legal procedure of cash on delivery.

Each team have 2 members in it and they are working on salary based.

Amidst this lockdown,you guys must be having a real hard time to connect with each other and delivering the products so how are you managing it? Also how this lockdown has affected you ?

Radhika: Anxious thoughts can be more difficult to escape in sustained isolation, such as the widespread lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, but arts and crafts have been shown to help distract from these feelings. But due this  lockdown it’s first time  we have not ship our product from our three months .

Our online workshop have been cancelled as a result of lockdown measures, requiring the closure of many non-essential businesses in order to limit the further spread of the virus. 

All the orders have either been cancelled or put on hold. 

The lockdown may be for 21 days or may get extended by another few weeks, but it will have collateral damage, wiping out businesses for the whole year, and result in widespread job losses, bank loan defaults, and posing a huge challenge to restart again. 

You’re the only brand on IG who sells handmade goods with the COD option and I must say that it’s a brave thing to do. So firstly, why did you decide to do so? And secondly, has anyone till now tried to exploit your COD policy?


Radhika: We started cash on delivery because As a customer, one of the most significant benefits of COD is that you can pay only after you get the product in hand. In that way, there is no risk of loss of money. For example, if you pay online beforehand and the seller does not deliver, your hard earned money gets stuck with the seller. The customer can also check the product and see whether everything is perfect before paying for it. In case you find that the product is defective or a different outcome has been delivered, you can always return it without paying.


Many times customer try to exploit us but we take legal precautions before shipping the products like GST bill. We have total prove of customer so incase if something happens in future we can sue them.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement till now?

Radhika: I don’t remember my achievements when it come to write. But I always remember my parents saying “We are proud of you” that was my achievement. As a child, I was instilled with a strong work ethic from my parents. My father taught me that if I worked hard and applied myself, success would follow. My mom was especially supportive when it came to following my dreams and taking risks. My best advice to you, from one business owner to another, is to work hard, dream big, take risks, and stay true to your ethics, as your good doings will someday come full circle too!

What would you suggest to someone who wants to start their own handmade goods business on IG?

Radhika: I’m going to lay some truth on you all today.⁣

Handmade business is hard work.⁣

Building a successful handmade business that actually makes you a decent income? Seems darn near impossible.⁣

But take it from me – it’s not. It DOES takes a long time and it IS a lot of work. There are no shortcuts. No-one can figure it out for you. No-one can give you a bullet-proof method for success.⁣

And if anyone tells you differently? They’re probably trying to sell you a ‘miracle cure’.⁣

Many of us start out – just like I did – selling stuff simply because we make more than we can ever use or give to family and friends. We never really thought this would turn into a business – but it started to evolve that way when we realised that we could actually make some real rupee from our craft.⁣


There’s an endless wealth of things to learn out there. The hard part is choosing what to implement, and what to ignore. You could spend your entire life learning about business and not one moment actually DOING business, and still not know all there is to know.⁣

When you’re starting out, there’s no point putting more time into making more and more products if

  1. You’re not making the right things, ⁣
  2. No-one is actually SEEING them.⁣

You learn from those who are doing it right.⁣

That’s how I learnt. And it took me YEARS to get it (somewhat) right.

Do you have any message for our readers?

Radhika: When people ask me what I do for a living, I don’t have a good answer for them.  Usually, I default to telling them I am a stay-at-home mom or a freelance writer, but neither of those labels really covers https://www.bodydelsol.com/xanax/.  I do write and I do stay home, but the way I make (a very modest amount of) money is by crafting.  But if I tell people I am a Crafter, they have no idea what that means. And frankly, neither do I.

Do let us know in the comments below if you have any questions for Radhika. You can also directly DM them on Instagram at @handflys.

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