The Bechdel Test
Sainee Raj

8 Real Struggles Every Girl Will Relate To (ft. Bechdel Test)

Don’t already judge me as a feminist who is here to talk about all the tantrums and hardships men throw on us. Ohh no, please no! Well, just for a change let’s try to include and pass the Bechdel test here.

For those of you who don’t know about the Bechdel Test, watch this video:

We will here talk about anything and everything other than a man, at least we’ll try to, though we have already failed I guess while explaining all this explicitly?

So to pass through the test, here we begin with some of the real struggles every girl will relate to, and mind you they are so common and yet so relatable like finding the perfect hair-tie.



1. Wings my ladies, Wings!

“Are they equal?”

“Umm… I guess the left one is a bit shorter!”

One stroke to the left and you are ruined for the day!

The liner wings can never be perfect unless you give them their precious 1 hour they need.

2. Any CRIME is inescapable for us!

You ask me why, and when I walk past you, you’ll know the reason. I’ll leave behind tresses of hair on the floor for the CBI to investigate and match the DNA.

3. Clothes, sorry it’s about outfits!

There are a hundred memes which talk of the hundred clothes we have in the cupboard but nothing to wear, but people, it’s all about outfits!

I am not going to wear a grey poet shirt with a mismatched bright floral flared skirt..right? We need outfits!

4. You can’t always NAIL it!

Why is life so unjust to us. When you don’t grow long nails you are often stuck in situations where you need to open a knot, and when you grow them, you need to open the cans!


5. Menstruation is a monthly subscription for 35 years. Period!

Don’t ask me, “again, you had it some days back.” And please stop giving me my excuses.

“You upset, oh you must be on your periods, mood swings.”

At least leave this as an excuse exclusively to me!

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6. Long hair, a long list of problems!

If you have long hair, it’s always difficult to find the best way to tie your hair while sleeping.

A single plait at the back- you can’t lie down straight.

Two plaits, the sideways position is a problem.

Open hair- you’ll eat your hair.

7. Color ≠ Pink

Please grow up!

Color is not a mark to know the extent of femininity. I may like a so-called masculine color “Blue” much more than pink. Well, favorites may change while mine has been constant BLACK!

8. Cat-fights, don’t all animals fight?

This one struggle is because the cat-fight is so overhyped that I guess the bigotry about two women stepping out together will never end. I don’t like “oh, is she your friend?“, “are you really the go-to type friends?” Listen, we are friends and we are the best of friends, you jealous? Get yourself a friend. Huh!

Do let us know the most annoying struggles you as a girl have ever faced. And wooohoo ladies, congratulations, we have successfully passed the Bechdel test. 😉


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